Review: Shrine of Insanabilis – Disciples of the Void


This year on September 22nd Shrine of Insanabilis is about to come up with their debut album ‘Disciples of the Void’ through W.T.C. Productions. Doing pre-release reviews are always fun but this when I sat with this task I had to face some troubles. I couldn’t find much information about the band. I don’t know where they belong or how many members (attached pictures in the digital copy shows they are 4 in number, but in some of their videos in YouTube I have found 5 members). Yes, it’s the music that matters most, then again you need some basic information to do a review. Anyway, let’s proceed, shall we? ‘Disciples of the Void’ includes 9 tracks:

  1. End All
  2. Ruina
  3. Acausal Paths
  4. (………..)
  5. Invocation
  6. Still of This Earth
  7. Cycles and Circles
  8. Acerbus
  9. Omega

The digital copy that we have received did not include any lyric so can’t say much about the words. Talking a about the album, for a gist, its one hell of a heavy shit. If you are a fan of those 300 BPM blasts and everything fucking heavy, this is one record for you. I won’t say that was some superb drumming, but yes, this drummer knows how to blast! Vocal works are pretty good. I felt a mixture of wrath and agony which sounds really good for Black Metal. The guitar works are good. No flaws. I liked the tone specially. Eerie and dark. The presence of bass was a bit low. Overall the production is good.

Talking about the composition, well, not much impressed. No signature has been observed. No interesting variations. There are some dark acoustic parts. I liked that though. To conclude, well, it’s the debut offering from the band and it sounds pretty sick and outstandingly heavy. There are flaws, but this band has all the potentials to overcome them in near future. If you are a fan of extreme music, ‘Disciples of the Void’ is worth trying.

Score: 65/100

You can check their song ‘Invocation’ from the album here:

Release: September 22nd , 2015

Label: World Terror Committee (Europe)
Fallen Empire Records (America)

Shrine Of Insanabilis: Facebook || Bandcamp
World Terror Committee: Facebook || Bandcamp
Fallen Empire Records: Facebook || Bandcamp

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