Updates: Inundation of Forthcoming Black Metal Releases

The second half of 2015 AD is going to see some of the black metal veterans coming out from their slough with new releases. Finnish black metal legends Horna, French black/death metallers Temple of Baal, French black metal act VI are some of the bands to release their new materials on the coming months. Kaeck, a black metal act from Netherlands is also on the roster with a unique and crushing sounded debut album.

Temple Of Baal:

French black/death metal band Temple of Baal has announced their 5th full length albumMysterium’ which is due on 2nd October, 2015. The album will be released via Agonia Records. The label has already released a new single from the album titled ‘Divine Scythe’.

As the album’s title suggests, ‘Mysterium’ dwells on the topics of spirituality and religiosity. From the opener, lord of knowledge and death, to the closing number, All In Your Name, every inch of this record drips with it.”- That is what the band has to say about this record.

The album can be booked through the following link:


Interview with Temple of Baal: http://wp.me/p42NGB-om

Facebook: Temple of Baal || Agonia Records


Finnish black metal legends Horna, perhaps need no introduction to black metal fans. These Finns have the ability of bringing forth an unimaginable depth of darkness with their music. Their 9th full length album, Hengen Tulet is due to be released on 22nd September, 2015. This is their 2nd full length with mighty World Terror Committee. A press release regarding the release of this album says, “With Hengen Tulet, HORNA continue to refine that approach, and yet bring back in the filthier textures of the Corvus years. Both sonicaly and songwriting-wise, Askel lähempänä Saatanaa was something of a throwback to mid ’90s black metal classicism. By contrast, Hengen Tulet carries forward a similar songwriting aesthetic – surging ‘n’ swooshing speed, spiraling melody both majestic and malevolent – but reinvigorates a foul, fetid primitivism.”

W.T.C has released a single from the album titled ‘Amadriada’ which can be listened here.

Further details to be revealed later, as their Facebook page claimed.

Facebook: Horna || World Terror Committee

Thy Darkened Shade/Chaos Invocation:

Greek black metal act Thy Darkened Shade is to release a split EP with German melodic black metal entity Chaos Invocation. These two bands have shared a great similarity in the sense of darkened musical aesthetics and occult themed lyrics. Chaos Invocation’s last full length ‘Black Mirror Hours’ was critically acclaimed by a number of black metal fans and also, considered as one of the milestone of modern black metal.

Thy Darkened Shade, also known for creating a surrealistic atmosphere with their ritualistic sound. “Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet” is a must listen for anyone who is into modern/occult black metal,

So far, Thy Darkened Shade revealed the split title as ‘Saatet-ta Apep‘ which is also scheduled to be released via World Terror Committee. The artwork is done by Karmazid depicting their vision of Set invoking Apep. Further layout, sigils and drawings are done by Vamperess Imperium, as per their official facebook page says.

Facebook: Thy Darkened Shade || Chaos Invocation
Bandcamp: Thy Darkened Shade


Kaek, is a black metal entity from Netherlands started in 2014. The band likes to term the music as ‘black war metal’. The band consists of members from Sammath, Kjeld and Noordelingen. The band has recorded a full length album ‘Stormkult’ which is scheduled to be released via Folter Records on 28th of August, 2015 in both CD/Vinyl format. So far, two singles titled ‘De Heerser Wederkeert’ and ‘Akolieten van de Nacht’ has been released from the album. You can check the song De Heerser Wederkeert here:

The album can also be pre-ordered from the following link via Folter Records:


Facebook: Kaeck || Folter Records


French black metal trinity, VI, made of current and ex-members of Aosoth and Antaeus, have revealed details concerning their long-awaited debut album. The opus is entitled “De Praestgiis Angelorum” and will see its release on September 25th via Agonia Records. Premiere track from the record is available for streaming now, via this link:

The line-up of VI is shaped by INVRI (Aosoth, ex-Antaeus) on guitars and vocals, BST (Aosoth, ex-Antaeus, ex-Aborted) on bass and Blastum (exAosoth, ex-Antaeus, Merrimack) on drums. ‘De Praestgiis Angelorum‘ will be available in digipack CD, colored vinyl and black vinyl which is limited to 100 hand numbered copies. The album can be per-ordered from the following link:


Facebook:  VI


Exercises in futility’, third full-length album of Mgła has been recorded and is scheduled for release late Summer 2015 on Northern Heritage and No Solace. The album has 6 tracks with a playable length of 42 minutes.

The Sample of the album can be heard here:

Facebook: Mgła || Northern Heritage

Besides these acts, newer bands like Shrine of Insanabilis has also their debut album scheduled to be released on September through World Terror Committee. Slovenian black metal band Dalkhu will also be releasing their second full length Descend… into Nothingness through Iron Bonehead and Satanath Records. Don’t forget to check these exciting releases out!

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