Deathanie (ex- Krypt, Taake, Nattefrost) departs at 41


Stephanie K. C. Allouche, popularly known as Deathanie (or Deathanie Cunt), famous for her contribution in bands like Taake, Nattefrost and Krypt has deceased recently at the age of 41. The cause behind her death was not published due to her family decision. Taake frontman Hoest made a statement regarding her death on June 13, 2015.

Stephanie Keridwen started her musical journey with French black/death metal band Warshades in 1992. Later she was forced out of the band and moved to Norway. She played bass and piano for Taake and took part in recording infamous Taake album ‘Over Bjoergvin graater himmerik’. She also appeard live with Nattefrost. Deathanie was also the live guitarist for Norwegian black metal band Krypt and handled vocal and guitar duties for Grind Crusher.

Stephanie Keridwen

Krypt’s message regarding on her death says “We will not comment on cause of death or anything related to this situation out of respect for her family and the other people closest to her. It is their choice whether to share such information or not. It is not our right. We only wish to show our respect and condolences with this memorial-album.”


RIP (1974 – 2015)



4 thoughts on “Deathanie (ex- Krypt, Taake, Nattefrost) departs at 41”

    1. Stephanie had been battling cancer, she passed away in hospital in Oslo and she was a true warrior till the end. I knew her personally and so did most of the metal community in Norway. Show some respect, she was a talented musician and an incredible person. Don’t make assumptions on someone’s death without knowing the real cause.
      RIP Stephanie

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  1. By her biography one can tell she was an interesting person. Condoleances to the family and shame on the person who judged too easily


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