Nuclear War Now! to re-release Elysian Field’s Debut Full-length

Elysian Fields flyer_zpsitcmm2nbThe Elysian Fields (Formerly Desulphurize) was one of the experimental black/death metal bands that formed in the early 90’s in Greece. Despite releasing two fantastic albums We… the Enlightened and 12 Ablaze, they mostly stayed under the shadows of more popular bands. After a hiatus since 2010, The Elysian Fields formed again in the last year and currently working on their 5th full length album.

Their debut album, Adelain, which was released way back in 1995 by infamous Unisound Records, (responsible for releasing albums by Abhorer, Mortuary Drape, Rotting Christ, Varathron, Nunslaughter etc.) displayed amalgamation of aggressive black/death metal with avant-garde and experimental elements. This forgotten opus is going to be re-released by Nuclear War Now! Productions on both CD and vinyl. This NWN version will also include the three rare bonus tracks from their 1994 demo.

Listen Adelain on YouTube:

You can order The Elysian Fields album from iTunes:

The Elysian Fields: Facebook || Website
Nuclear War Now! Prod.: Facebook || Website

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