Full Album Streaming: Samhara – Deathkult Sutra

Swedish mystical duo Samhara independently released their initial demonstration “Deathkult Sutra”on demo tape back in the 2014. Clandestine Faith Promotions will re-invoke this spiritual torturing voyage by re-releasing (with reproduction) it in CD format.

This work entirety expresses the first hand experience through the creators which took place during a pilgrimage towards the burning cremation grounds residing in India, to fulfill a calling which came as a vision through the gnashing jaws of redemption. This sophisticated left hand vedic expedition consists of five tracks – a transcendental long intro, three paranormal tracks filled with the combination of mesmerizing composition and vocal tone, and an unfathomable epic instrumental oeuvre.

Release date coming soon (MMXV)

Label: Clandestine Faith Promotions11425869_1590669067878800_2126701177_n

Track Listing:

1. Mahasamadhi                                         09:54
2. Taste Of Spiritual Torture               07:41
3. Yoganidra                                                  06:25
4. Samhara Tandava                                 11:20
5. Nirvikalpa (Instrumental)                17:58

Samhara: Facebook

Clanestine Faith: Website || Facebook 

Entire Album can be streamed below:

                                  By: Zoheb Mahmud

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