Temple of words: an interview with MkM (Aosoth, Antaeus)


Today we have a new chapter to bring forward which is related to the French black metal dimension. A while ago we published an interview with Amduscias, the frontman of Temple of Baal, but now we are delighted to share with you the dark words of Mkm of Aosoth and legendary Antaeus, basically two radical bands for the period unfolded after the year 2000. You will read here about the status of Antaeus, a satanic group that apotheosized aggression on each possible level through the medium of albums like De Principii Evangelikum or the great Blood Libels. Otherwise, Aosoth is a fierce brute which continues to spread catacomb sounds and blasphemy. Below is our gloomy talk with the vocalist of these two bands.

  • Greetings and welcome to Venustas Diabolicus! How is everything going? Are there any new plans concerning your bands that you would like to share with us?

MkM: All is more or less evolving within our own chaos. Thus difficult to foresee anything and upon all those plans we had/have/will have… Nothing is certain, at least on release date. Aosoth has had two tracks provided for split vinyls, one to come up on Signature Riffs in the USA (split EP with Kommandant) and one split LP on WTC (with Order of Orias). Those tracks could be considered as a link in between IV  and the forthcoming album – if this one sees the light.  We have two gigs scheduled, the only ones for 2015. One of those rituals will be shared with Antaeus too, in Brussels at the end of the year for the Nidrosian Black Mass… An event I am looking forward.

  • Is there any chance to have a new release from Antaeus in the near future?

MkM: I seriously doubt it… In the near or distant future. I’ve been asked the question for years and we had some hope – then all vanished.  Anyway as long as none of the composition we work on matches the intensity we had on BLOOD LIBELS, it is not worth being released.

  • How can you describe the difference between Aosoth and Antaeus? I mean, we all can notice the dissimilarity of these two bands’ approaches, but how about your vision? How do you pin down the artistic expression that you developed within these separate projects?

MkM: As we speak, the only link in between those two bands would be me now. We no longer share the same composers/guitar player. Though Saroth recently joined Antaeus as second guitar (when BST did quit to focus on his main bands), Antaeus has now more members from the band RITUALIZATION.

Considering Antaeus does not release anything new, there is no conflict when it comes to the lyrics or concept. I only focus on Aosoth when it comes to creation/visions. Antaeus : my work is to maintain the rage within.

  • What about the independent distribution of Spikekult? Is this thing still up?

MkM: SPK is now on hold again. Our latest releases were the two NECROBLOOD EPs (co-released with other labels, such as WTC/Iron Bonehead…), AOSOTH instrumental LP and the HAEMOTH EP (which is still available from me).  No time for distribution though nor trade, I keep those releases limited amount wise thus avoiding the waste – 300/500 are more than enough.

  • You deal with two bands named after two mythological characters, the dark female force embodied in Aosoth on the one hand and the half-giant son of Poseidon, Antaeus on the other one. What do you think about exploring mythology in classical literature in order to build the identity of a band? And what is your view on this kind of literature?

MkM: The former band member who picked up the name Antaeus was not referring to the greek deity. It was related to some French folklore involving werewolves and misanthropy. We kept it. Changing the name back then would have been weak since the band was hated for what it was. About Aosoth, the name is obviously linked with the O9A.

Inspiration : to each its own. The identity did grow from the individuals and work achieved and not through the sole name chosen.

  • How does the surrounding world feed your inspiration and state of mind?

MkM: As anyone I guess. I might not have understood your question properly.

  • What do you think about isolation? Is it something that can bring a new dimension, or is it something that enshrouds the freedom of mind, or what could it be? Does this condition work for you?

MkM: Real isolation as a retreat somewhere in nature, without any contacts of any kind, I never went past two or three weeks. It worked fine for me though, then again with job issue and unless I want to become a hunter or whatever : this will not be an option for now. Maybe in the future. If you meant walking a path alone, then that is how I get my things done.

  • What is the impulse that makes you go sing in front of people?

MkM: Here is a question to which I will not be able to provide an answer. Do I even consider that I do “sing” in front of people?

  • What has changed in your mindset since the beginning of your musical path? Explain me, please the evolution process that made you become what are you now.

MkM: Experiences, conflicts, decay… There was a path and this is where it did lead me. No surprise at the end of the way, the bitterness is stronger than expected though.

  • What does violence mean for you? Tell me about a violent phenomenon which you encountered in your reality.

MkM: Murder, rape, terrorist acts, racial tension, daily insults, anything that surrounds us, urban wise we could also add the stress and oppression.

  • Regarding the lyrical approach, which song of Antaeus or Aosoth is most clever for you? For sure that all of them are echoes of your thoughts and life philosophy but many times, there is a kind of magic that touches the musician’s mind and spirit and makes him proud about a particular piece of creation and this is what I think about when I say „clever.”

MkM: Two different approaches, both III from Aosoth or “Blood Libels” from Antaeus are albums I can still fully rely on.  There is no pride though, I leave that to fools.

  • According to your own truth, what is black metal good for?

MkM: For all the wrong reason you can think of.

  • And here’s the end of our talk. As tradition goes, last words belong to you and they are intended for all the people who respect your music. Cheers!


Antaeus Facebook || Aosoth Facebook

Conducted By: Gina S.

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