Review + Streaming: Outre – Ghost Chants


Polish black metal bands always have the aptitude of being fast, flat and straightforward. However, there are exceptions too who tend to steady it up and fuse it with progressive and avant-garde elements. Outre has been one such act hailing from Kraków, Poland. Despite being a fairly new act (they formed in 2012), the band showed their potentials through their debut full-length ‘Ghost Chants’, which was released through Godz of War Productions (Vinyl) and Third Eye Temple (CD) on April 14th, 2015.

The entire playlist of ‘Ghost Chants’ is divided into 7 chants continuing for 37 minutes. The band here, bring forward a journey towards eternity through the chants, therefore the lyrics depicting the different phases since the departure from the materialistic world into the arrival in the eternity. Conceptually, it’s a strong release with simple yet remarkable lyrical approach. Now let’s talk about the music on this release. As I mentioned earlier, the music here certainly possesses the Polish characteristics of being vile and chaotic, at the same time you can also hear influences from death metal and especially, doom metal. There are slow, rhythmic passages in every chants, making the music darker and providing enough options for the members to display their skills. The odd time signatures, variation in tempos and melodies make the music diverse enough to keep holding the interest of the listeners throughout. You can expect a tidier guitar work throughout the playing length, including both clean passages and down tuned guitar solos. I’d not mention much about the drums and the bass guitars, as they both support the ideas well enough creating no hassle. Special notes should be conferred on vocals, as the vocalist did a tremendous job on ‘Ghost Chants’. Stawrogin, who guested on this record, mixed it up with clean voices, harsh black metal screams, low death grunts, howling and screeching the voice up (reminds me off Attila Csihar). If the instrumentals had any lacking, it’d certainly be covered up with the précised vocals. Fortunately, all the individual sections seem to cohere really fine, which is again backed up by a good production quality, without altering the darkened atmosphere.

To end with, ‘Ghost Chants’ is a strong debut from the band, Outre. The band mixed and imparted their ideas well through this release. Although, there is nothing extra-ordinary in the music, the album will certainly provide you with some memorable moments on songs like ‘Chant 3. – The Fall’, ‘Chant 5. – Equilibrium’ and ‘Chant 7. – Arrival’. Highly recommended.

Score: 81/100


Stream the entire album on

Released: 14th April, 2015

Label: Godz ov War Productions/Third Eye Temple

Damian Igielski – Guitar
Mateusz Jamróz – Guitar
Marcin Lth Radecki – Bass
Maciej Pelczar – Drums
Stawrogin – Vocals (Guest)

Outre: Facebook
Godz ov War: Facebook
Third Eye Temple: Facebook || Bandcamp

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