Review + Streaming: Outre – Ghost Chants


Polish black metal bands always have the aptitude of being fast, flat and straightforward. However, there are exceptions too who tend to steady it up and fuse it with progressive and avant-garde elements. Outre has been one such act hailing from Kraków, Poland. Despite being a Continue reading Review + Streaming: Outre – Ghost Chants

Review: ERED – “Night of Eternal Doom “

CDBO12V1.pdf ERED, the mighty Black/ Death warriors from Spain, is about to up with their third full length album ‘Night of Eternal Doom’ on the 29th of this month. Forming in 1996, previously Ered have released two full length albums along with a mentionable number of demos and splits. Their third offering ‘Night of Eternal Doom’ will get released from War Anthem Records. The album with be available in CD and O-card format. Continue reading Review: ERED – “Night of Eternal Doom “

Review: Amestigon – Thier


The Scandinavian black metal was in the center of attention in the 90’s due to the strong implementation of its satanic ideologies whereas the scenes in Central Europe gave themselves a strong hold on more darkened and epic approach of black metal. The bands like Summoning, Pazuzu explored fantasies and occult literature whereas bands like Abigor, Amestigon had kept their efforts based on Satanism and pagan heritage. Continue reading Review: Amestigon – Thier

THE UGLY (From Sweden) – Revealed New Album Details

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was formed in late 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden by Ingemar Gustafson (vocals) and Johan Eriksson (guitars), for the purpose of creating furious and relentless black metal with roots in the bands that put Sweden on the world map in the 1990’s. Continue reading THE UGLY (From Sweden) – Revealed New Album Details