Metal World IS IN TRAUMA: Death-dealing Van Accident Killed 03 Black Metal Musicians

This news has undoubtedly shocked the current metal world. Two members of Wormreich and one member of Khaotika  died on April 06, 2015 in a terrible road accident. This shocking accident took place in Atlanta at around 7 am in local time. People who sadly lost their life are Wormreich’s Ian A. McKinney (30) & Paul. J. Truesdell (29), and Khaotika’s Nicholas R. Crisostomo (25).


Georgia State Patrol stated that the driver of the passenger van fell asleep while driving and struck a tree. All the passengers had been badly injured and later three of them died. Rest have got admitted to Athens Regional Hospital and Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Their condition is critical. The victims were among 12 people riding in a 15-passenger van that was towing a trailer.

The US based Black Metal band Wormreich’s Ian A. McKinney (30) was known under the stage name Nazgul Vathron. He used to play the guitars and keyboards in the band. The other member Paul. J. Truesdell (29) used to be the live bassist of Wormreich. He had another band called Fear Not Death.

Nicholas R. Crisostomo (25) was the drummer of the Melodic Black/ Gothic Metal band Khaotika of the same region.

With mourning heart we offer our condolences to their friends and family. May the departed souls rest in peace.  A GoFundMe has been created to supportthe families of the victims. There goes the link:

Wormreich : Facebook  || Bandcamp
Khaotika       : Facebook


By Asmodeus

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