Altars of Spiritual Redemption: Interview with Preludium (Pol)


Musically, Preludium has close kinship with the other Polish blackened death metal acts. The band is active for more than 16 years and it is a pity that the band is little known comparing to a lot of other contemporaries of Polish black/death metal scene. Over a year ago, the quartet has released a brilliant album, “Redemption” (Review Link: through India based record label Transcending Obscurity. The frontman Łukasz Dziamarski has joined us for an in depth conversation about the different aspects of the band.

Salutation Łukasz. Before moving on to the core of this conversation, I would like to ask you to give a brief introduction of Preludium to our readers.

Łukasz: Hails. The band was formed by the Skowron brothers in about 1999.  I joined the band as a session bass player before ‘Infernal Force’ demo recording session. Unfortunately in 2003 Piotr died in an accident. The new drummer in PRELUDIUM was August from (DECEPTION/STILLBORN) and a new bass player Wojciech from my previous band. With this line-up, we recorded our debut album ‘Eternal Wrath’ and the second one ‘Raping Mankind Disorder’.

“Eternal Wrath” – Debut Full Length of Preludium

After that, both of them – August and Wojciech – abandoned the band so we had to again start searching for a new rhythm section from the very beginning. We recorded ‘Abomination’, ‘Impending Hostility’ and ‘Redemption’ with Piotr Ungeheuer as a drummer and Deszczu as a bass player.

Łukasz Dziamarski (Photo taken from the Official Preludium Site)

What are your main inspirations (both past and present) to start Preludium and to keep continue its activities. By inspirations, I have not meant only the musical aspects; it would also be interesting to know the other things that act as your inspirations.

The main inspiration to create our own music lies in music- various, different sounds. I love versatile music genres. I listen to black metal, electronic stuff, trip hop, film music, folk, pop and many more. Emotions which are accumulated in all those types of sounds push me to compose my own music. It’s been my formula for composing music ever since I started to play the guitar.

You guys have cut a descent figure in the new album, “Redemption”.I assume that you are satisfied with the overall output and feedbacks from the listeners.

Preludium - Redemption
Preludium – Redemption

Yes we are. I have received mainly positive reviews of the ‘Redemption’ album. Of course, we got some uncomplimentary reviews, in which someone doesn’t like the sound or someone writes that this is nothing new. I realize that we are not the most original band on the metal scene but it wasn’t our goal. However, most reviewers write that this is our best album so far. I am satisfied because it took me a lot of work.

In the most recent release, “Redemption”, you have brought a new theme in your lyrics, the spiritual teachings of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. I know that my friend Kunal Choksi, the owner of Transcending Obscurity was responsible for scripting the lyrics and he also gave you the idea to imply that exceptional lyrical theme on your music. But I want to ask you whether you or any of the members of Preludium are the practitioner/follower of the teachings of Meditation and Kriya Yoga that were institutionalized by Pramahansa Yogananda.

No we are not. I asked Kunal to help us with lyrics on our upcoming album. It was risky but it was worth it. This is very unique theme on metal albums. Combined with our death metal it is quite an original mixture. I think this was the main reason to use this kind of lyrics.

In terms of aggressive sound, Redemption is a little bit macerated comparing to the previous releases like “Raping Mankind Disorder” and “Impending Hostility”. In Redemption it can be sensed that emphasizes were put to enshroud the materials with atmospheric vibe rather than to focus on the aggressiveness. Was that happened for harmonizing the lyrics and the sound?

No. The music had been composed before we got all lyrics from Kunal. I felt I had to compose this kind of music. This atmospheric vibe was my target in creating a new material. These emotions had been growing in me since ‘Impending Hostility’ record session and it was the right time to reveal it. rejs5

Achieving Self-realization is one of the major aspects of the teaching of Paramahansa Yogananda. What do you perceive the intended meaning of the word, “Self-realization” and do spiritual practices really help one to achieve Self-realization?

Creating and playing my music help me to achieve the self-realization. This is my spiritual practice.

What’s your opinion regarding the reincarnation of human beings? Do you agree with the statement of Yogananda that mankind’s deep suffering is rooted in identifying too closely with one’s current role, rather than with the movie’s director, or God?

– I don’t believe in reincarnation. I believe in myself.

You have chosen a spiritual theme in your lyrics that has relation with God, Hindu religion and even the teachings of Jesus. Do you consider your lyrical theme as antithetical for the black/death metal music?

– We have chosen Indian spiritual theme in our music. I think that multi-dimensional and far-reaching lyrics are unique among releases of the other bands. However, we don’t identify ourselves with all of its aspects. On the other hand I think these lyrics are not so obvious and you can interpret them in many different ways.

Now, I am going to ask you a personal question and this is about your religious view.

– I am an atheist.

Recently some of the extreme metal bands from Europe are choosing the mythology and occult practices of Indian subcontinent as their lyrical theme and a lot of them are even executing these occult methods. Do you find the mythologies and occult practices of India as enticing?

– I find it highly attractive. I like reading about various religions, especially those from different cultures. This is very exciting theme. It was the reason for using the lyrics about it in our latest album too. I do not execute any practices.

How often do you partake in the live gigs? It is certain that because of Transcending Obscurity, you have obtained some followers in India and its neighboring countries. Do you have any plan to do a tour in this subcontinent?5

– To be honest, I don’t remember the last time we had a live show. If we don’t get any good offers we prefer not to play at all. When it comes to India and other Asian countries, we don’t have any plans. First of all, transport costs from Europe to India are very high so I don’t believe that any booking agency could afford to invite Preludium for the tour.

You have been associated with another avant-garde black metal band, “Mord’A’Stigmata”. Can you please give our readers some basic information about this ritualistic project?a1900892408_10

– We’ve released our third album ‘Ansia’ and it was breakthrough in our music career.  We have just finished our second Polish tour this year. This time we promoted our latest release with BEHEMOTH, MERKABAH and Swedish TRIBULATION. It was amazing experience to play shows every night for about 1000 people. You should take a close look at all albums of M’A’S, it is totally different from PRELUDIUM.

Poland is loaded with a lot of destructive extreme metal acts. Especially in the field of blackened/death metal music, Poland’s position is really remarkable. What are your favorite bands among your peers?

– Oh, I love polish scene. I have a lot of friends there so I don’t want to omit anyone. Anyway I think we have one of the most interesting metal scenes in the world.

So, what’s coming out next? Anything you want to divulge from the vault of your future plan?

– I don’t know yet what it is going to happen. At the moment we are composing new stuff for upcoming MORD’A’STIGMATA split cd.

Thank you for spending your valuable times to answer our question. Good luck with your future endeavorment.

 Thank you very much.

—————-Conducted By: Zoheb Mahmud———–—-
Photo Courtesy: Preludium Website


Lukasz Dziamarski – Guitars, Voc
Jan Skowron – Guitars
Piotr Ungeheuer – Drums
Marcin “Mrzawa” Deszcz – Bass

Homapage of Preludium

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Review of “Redemption”

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