Details Revealed On New Amestigon Full-length ‘Thier’


At long last, one of the unsung pillars of the Austrian black metal scene returns to reclaim their throne: W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS proudly presents Amestigon‘s monumental second album, Thier. A sprawling, wholly intoxicating mass of metaphysical might and mystical atmosphere, Thier comprises four vast, void-dwelling expanses of obsidian sound, with each track in the double digits and the title track itself topping nearly 20 minutes.

The sophomore effort is scheduled to be released on 28th May, 2015. ‘Thier’ will be available  on CD and digital format primarily, but it will also be released on DLP format later on.

Artwork, Thier
Artwork, Thier

1. Demiurg
2. 358
3. Hochpolung
4. Thier

Tharen – Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Wolf – Guitars
Lanz – Guitars, Bass
Silenius – Vocals

Label: World Terror Committee

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Blaze Of Perdition reveals details about their new album


Blaze Of Perdition, is one of astounding black metal bands to emerge from Poland. The band had faced severe accident on November, 2013, on their way to a gig in Austria, in which their bassist “Ikaroz” died on spot, their vocal “Sonnelion” went to coma and the drummer “Wizun” was heavily injured. Despite such trauma, the band decided to continue as their members recovered and recorded the 3rd album titled Near Death Revelations, based on their experience as they seen death from so close.

Blaze Of Perdition have managed to built up an excellent reputation with their two previous albums, Towards the Blaze of Perdition (2010) and The Hierophant (2011), which solidified the outfits position as one the most interesting acts in the field of black metal. For the third offering, the band is now signed to Agonia Records, which will release the album June 1st, 2015. The albums artwork was designed by Mentalporn.

Artwork, Near Death Revelations
Artwork, Near Death Revelations

With more album details set to be revealed soon, Blaze Of Perdition have already shed light on the track-list, which is as follows:

1. Królestwo Niczyje
2. Into the Void Again
3. When Mirrors Shatter
4. Dreams Shall Flesh
5. Cold Morning Fears
6. The Tunnel
7. Of No Light

S. – vocals
XCIII – guitars
Revenger – guitars/bass
Vizun – d


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Review + Streaming: Acherontas – Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)

Acherontas_Logo Acherontas, the mighty Greek Black Metal cult have recently come up with their 5th Full Length album ‘Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)’. Forming in 2007, previously Acherontas have released 4 full length albums and a few number of splits, compilation and a live album as well. ‘Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)’ has got out on February 27th, 2015 from World Terror Committee in CD format. This 11 tracks record plays more than an hour and I believe I would not be exaggerating if I say this one of the finest Black Metal records that I have been through in recent time!

The sound of ‘Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)’ completely signifies the album title and Continue reading Review + Streaming: Acherontas – Ma​-​IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)

Stream New albums of TARAN (Pl) and NIGREDO (Gr)

Odium Records of London, Uk (Previously located in Poland) is offering two new black metal releases, Self Titled full length of Polish black metal act Taran and debut release of Hellenic black metal band Nigredo.

Taran – Taran

Polish Anti-Christian group, Taran has been active over a decade, but it is the first ever full length of the band. The album was recorded in September 2014 at eXe Labolatories and mastered at Necromorbus Studio. It includes 7 songs + intro and outro + cover of Immortal‘s classic, “Unsilent Storm in the North Abyss”. One can expect Radical and Extreme Black Metal in its purest form.

Streaming Link:

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Nigredo – Facets of Death
unnamed (1)

Despite the fact that the band is new, the line-up consists of experienced musicians like Maelstrom form Thou Art Lord, Ravencult or Dodsferd. The mini-album wasreleased as a limited digipack with booklet and includes the music for fans of Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Watain or Deathspell Omega. The production took place in 210 Studios (Keep of Kalessin, Solefald) in Berlin. The band favors the orthodox Cult of Death.

Streaming Link:

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Review + Exclusive Premiere of the Debut Full Length: Inculter – Persisting Devolution

Recently a proclivity of the resurrection of old school metal can easily be observed; oodles of black/thrash metal bands are emerging from different parts of the world as a part of this movement. It is somehow predicted that most of these newcomers are just following the footsteps of the 80’s ancestors; however, some bands among the movement are capable of creating compulsive music within the boundary of the old school black/thrash metal. Inculter of Norway is such a band, creating the vicious form of Continue reading Review + Exclusive Premiere of the Debut Full Length: Inculter – Persisting Devolution

Altars of Spiritual Redemption: Interview with Preludium (Pol)


Musically, Preludium has close kinship with the other Polish blackened death metal acts. The band is active for more than 16 years and it is a pity that the band is little known comparing to a lot of other contemporaries of Polish black/death metal scene. Over a year ago, the quartet has released a brilliant album, “Redemption” (Review Link: through India based record label Transcending Obscurity. The frontman Łukasz Dziamarski has joined us for an in depth conversation about the different aspects of the band.

Salutation Łukasz. Before moving on to the core of this conversation, I would like to ask you to give a brief introduction of Preludium to our readers.

Łukasz: Hails. The band was formed by the Skowron brothers in about 1999.  I joined the band as a session bass player before ‘Infernal Force’ demo recording session. Unfortunately in 2003 Piotr died in an accident. The new drummer in PRELUDIUM was August from (DECEPTION/STILLBORN) and a new bass player Wojciech from my previous band. With this line-up, we recorded our debut album ‘Eternal Wrath’ and the second one ‘Raping Mankind Disorder’.

“Eternal Wrath” – Debut Full Length of Preludium

After that, both of them – August and Wojciech – abandoned the band so we had to Continue reading Altars of Spiritual Redemption: Interview with Preludium (Pol)

Review: Grá/Gnosis of the Witch Split

New Bitmap Image

Innovation has not been new in black metal since the 2000s as many bands are breaking the shackle and experimenting with their sound. Grá is one of those bands, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was formed by the members of Domgard and Cursed 13, and known for their eerie, melodic black metal with a delicate conceptual approach on their music. Grá, prior to the release of their final full length album, is now going for a collaboration with American black metal band Gnosis of the Witch. Unlike the loads of other USBM acts, Gnosis of the Witch has more perplexed and primitive sound. These two shadowy black metal hordes are about to release a split EP between them on 27th of April, 2015. The split EP is going to be released on 7’’ vinyl format on Iron Bonehead Productions.

Grá commands the side A of the 7” with the track ‘Valitus ja Kaipuu’, giving a calm start accompanied by an acoustic intro. The song then breaks into slow, menacing black metal riff. The overall tempo on this side is doom-ish, with a thick guitar tone playing throughout. The rhythm section is outstanding, the best example to this statement could be heard around 2:18. What keeps the music of Grá on this split is the bands ability to procreate gloomy atmosphere with the guitars and the bass incorporated. On this song, the bass guitar is upbeat and can be heard over the drums, which stays pretty simple as it follows through. The blasts can only be heard during a verse, which elucidates the tempo of the song. Heljarmadr from infamous Domgard and Dark Funeral is singing on this side with his mid-pitched shrieks, so anyone familiar with these bands have the idea on his skills. The song is not overproduced and it supports the shivering background really well.

Artwork, Gra/Gnosis of the Witch.
Artwork, Gra/Gnosis of the Witch.

The excellence of Grá is followed on side B with US black metal band Gnosis of the Witch, contributing the track titled Fórn Dauðaorð. Although I was not familiar with the band previously, but it reminds me with the Scandinavian bands (Dissection, Mare) and Icelandic black metal band Svartidaudi. This track is not up to the mark once you have been forwarded from side A. The track is kicks off almost in a similar fashion exhibited by early Swedish bands, however, the starting riff sounds tremendous which is backed throughout by a sharp, melodic tremolo section staring around 0:52. The music at this point seem very European in terms of soundscapes. Yes, the atmosphere Gnosis of the Witch has created on this song is worth mentioning. This could also be the reason Grá chose these Americans to release an album with (apart from the lyrical contents which share similarities). The track has its slow and ambient mood which is attained from 2:30 before breaking into its black metal moments again. Unlike Grá, Gnosis of the Witch has their bass sounds buried amidst the guitar layers. In drumming, there is no abundant blasts or slow paced beats, rather played with sharp variations.

To finish with, the music in ‘Grá/Gnosis of the Witch’ can be described as a balance between the harsh black metal sound and melodious background. There is nothing groundbreaking on this release but the split itself is a solid black metal art for the fans of Scandinavian black metal.

Score: 80/100


Listen GráValitus ja Kaipuu




Heljarmadr (Vocals, Guitar, Bass)

Dimman (Drums, backing vocals)

Maugrim (Guitars, Bass)

Gnosis of the Witch

Niðafjöll (Vocals, Guitars, Bass)

Swartadauþaz (Drums)


Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Release Date: 27th April, 2015

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 Iron Bonehead Productions on bandcamp

Reviewed by Somber

Devouring Star – Through Lung and Heart Review + Streaming


Devouring Star is a black/death metal band hailing from Finland. Not much of information has been revealed about the quartet, as the members keep their identity secret. Their debut effort, ‘Through Lung and Heart’ was released last month on various formats through Daemon Worship Productions. What makes Devouring Star unique is their complex approach on the music, dragging influences from ambient, black, death and doom metal to generate a sound of their own.

‘Through Lung and Heart’ is very dark, heavy and crushing at the same time. The album kicks off with a 2 minute long ambient intro before surging into chaotic black/death metal for the rest 35 minutes. Devouring Star carefully managed to distinguish themselves from being labeled as an Archgoat or Barathrum styled band by varying the tone depth and tempos. The band solely relied on heavy riffing to induce that hellish vibe in their music, echoing a 90’s death/doom atmosphere throughout. The often tremolo picked rhythms add black metal flavor to it, backed by powerful drumming and bass distortions. Devouring Star put all of their efforts to maintain the originality of their sound and showcased their musicianship on the opening track ‘Sanctified Decomposition‘, so if you are spinning the disc, you will know what is awaiting on the next four tracks. The use of synths is limited to ambient sections on the tracks ‘Sanctified Decomposition’ and ‘Through Lung and Heart’. ‘Decayed Son of Earth’ and ‘To Traverse the Black Flame’ have some slow paced sections reminiscent of Svartidauði. Again, the next track ‘The Dreaming Tombs’ pulls in the faster black metal mayhem. Therefore, the music never gets predictive but to grasp you amidst the trench of devouring black holes.

Artwork, Through Lung and Heart. (Manuel Tinnemans)
Artwork, Through Lung and Heart.

The vocals on this album is terrific, the howling singings and the trembling grunts will shiver your spine. Despite the good production, ‘Through Lung and Heart’ never loses the appeal. This is where Devouring Star stands out. They didn’t just rely on poor mastering and productions deteriorating the sound but brought in their innovativeness to procreate a genuine black metal stance for themselves.

Not sure if others would agree or not, I will personally recognize ‘Through Lung and Heart’ as one of the most comprehensive and exciting releases of the year 2015. Devouring Star just showed their potentials by placing a landmark black/death metal album. Strongly recommended.

Score: 81/100


Recommendation: Sanctified Decomposition, The Dreaming Tombs, Through Lung and Heart.

Stream and Order at:


Lineup: Unknown

Release Date: February 1st, 2015

Label: Daemon Worship Productions

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Bastardizer from Sydney, Australia can be considered as a perfect portrait of the first wave Veterans like Venom, Bathory, Bulldozer and the likes. Aussie black/thrash scene is passably sturdy and Bastardizer has joined in this demonic league with their devastating demo “Demo(N)s Unleashed”. The follow up release,“Enforcers of Evil” which was the debut full length of the quadrilateral, was a neck wrecking experience for the admirers of the music.


Now, the band has allied with the Brazilian wicked act “Whipstriker” for a split, entitled as “Strike of the Bastard”.  Each of the band has contributed 03 tracks in the split and below you can stream the evil invoking blackened thrash tracks, presented from the side of Bastardizer:

Available Soon On:

10″ Vinyl – Dying Victims Productions
CD – Hells Vomit Productions
Cassette – Hellforced Records

Bastardizer Facebook


By: Zoheb Mahmud


Swarþ – “Veneficivm” EP Streaming

After a collection of their previous offerings, released under the name “Omines Pestilentiae“, Swarþ have now spawned a new EP entitled “Veneficivm“. The EP is comprised of two tracks simply titled “I” and “II“. Hailing from the pits of the unknown (no info or details are given about the band other than the label’s announcements of their releases), they present two poisonous pieces reeking of sulphur for a descent in the abyss where darkness and insanity reign over everything.


“Veneficivm” can be streamed below and can be purchased through Iron Bonehead at the following LINK.

By: Mater Tenebrarum