Devathorn – Vritra


Devathorn is a black metal trio from Athens, Greece. The band has been active in the scene for more than 12 years, with a full-length album and two split releases. The band is now all set to release their sophomore effort ‘Vritra’ on 27th February, 2015 through World Terror Committee.

Devathorn, on this record, have chosen to adopt more diverse form of black metal, reminiscent of recent Polish and Swedish scenes whereas their debut full-length ‘Diadema’ had more orthodox elements in it. Therefore, you can expect a well-produced sound with a variety of influences on the music, from a chaotic death metal-ish vibe to eastern melodies. The song structure sometimes becomes really complex, switching between different tempos and rhythms. The eastern influences are mostly heard on songs like ‘Cathedral of Set’ and ‘Sapphires of Vritra’ while the songs like ‘Veritas Universalis’ and ‘Promethean Descent’ are merely solid black metal numbers. The guitar riffs sound a bit more thrashing in this record (Reminds me of Thy Mighty Contract) because of the production, consequently Devathorn differs from their predecessors in the Modern Greek black metal scene. The spooky black metal-ish atmosphere is absent throughout the album as the guitars and the drums are given high fidelity on the mix. The vocal styles are varied from narrating ones to guttural screams. However, Vocals often take a back seat to the instrumental backing of ringing guitar melodies backed by heavy chords, and the songs are rich sonic soundscapes that demand intense listening if you’re to get the most from them.

Artwork, Vritra

Apart from the music, the album has strong lyrical aesthetics to express. The concepts on this record can be explained as a multi-dimensional channel among different aspects of ancient devas found in Eastern, Mesopotamian and Greek mythologies. The glory of the serpent king has been depicted through its various forms, without losing the distinction of respective mythologies. Therefore, the lyrics as a unit, symbolizes the spiritual individuality of serpent king ‘Vritra’. The lyrics are written in both Latin and English.

Devathorn has taken quite a long time composing this album to do something different and memorable. Hence I can assure ‘Vritra’ is not an ordinary black metal release but an opus magnum from the band. The intricacy and the dexterity of the music won’t let any boredom to pop in. The album has the appeal to offer for the fans of black metal, death metal and modern death/black metal. Highly recommended.

Score: 85/100


Recommendation: Promethean Descent, Sapphires of Vritra, Verba Inermis, Veritas Universalis

Listen to Cathedral of Set


Saevus Helcath (Guitars)

Althagor (Vocals)

Mechblastess (Drums)

Acherontas V. Priest (Guest)

Release Date: 27th February, 2015

Label: World Terror Committee

Devathorn on Facebook

World Terror Committee on Bandcamp


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