Vomitwolves – Ceremonial Offerings


Earlier this year, we featured two contents (Interview with the band members and Review of the debut full length, Chapel of Rot) of Gulfport, Mississippi based black/death metal band Vomitwolves. The band consists of Jill M, who handles the vocal duty and Jared M, who plays all  the instruments. The couple of wolf terror rejoiced me with their first two releases and being a loyal fan of the band, it was obvious to check their new release, “Ceremonial Offerings”, which is a 03 track ep.


Opening track, “The Insatiable Earthen Womb” begins with sinistrous riff and shortly afterwards it gets more lethal with the support of the intense drum hammering and the malicious voice of Jill. Following two tracks, “Unearthly Dimensions” and “Ceremonial Offerings” showcase more wrathful atmosphere. Final and the title track can be regarded as the personal favorite from the ep because of its destructive structure.

Jill’s howling filled with malice is enough to conjure up the spirit of arch demon. Inhuman vocal skill of her is surely one of the most preprocessing elements of the ep.  In the previous releases, presence of some bizarre high pitched screeches of Jill was audible, but those screeches are missed here. But without a single doubt, her voice forces the tracks of these ep to sound more belligerent.

In terms of songwriting, definitely the ep surpasses the previous materials of the band. Combination of fast aggressive drumming and deadly packages of riffing makes me feel that Jared was at boiling point while writing the tracks of the ep. My intuition can be wrong, but the way he structured these songs deserves to be eulogized. Guitar tone also perfectly matches with the raw atmosphere of the music.

Just like the previous releases, no guitar solo is present here and the bass work is also not perceptible. Well, these things cannot be considered as a drawback. But in some cases, the arrangements of the drumming are just not parallel with the overall music. In the opening track, Jill’s voice was slightly covered under the high tempos of guitar and drum. Well, these are just my opinion.

I prefer this ep over the previous releases of the band. While playing their barbaric primitive styled black/death metal music, they have successfully maintained the raw atmosphere. The members intend to keep it as a studio project, but certainly it will be an intense headbanging experience for the audiences if the band will ever hit the stage  by recruiting live members.

Score: 81/100

——-Zoheb Mahmud——-

Stream the EP from Bandcamp:

Release Date: October 1st, 2014

Label: Speed Ritual Records (http://speedritualrecords.bandcamp.com/)

Current Line up:

Jill M (Vocals)
Jared M (All Instruments)


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