Chalice Of Blood – Helig, Helig, Helig


Chalice of Blood, a band locating from Sweden has marked almost a decade of their existence. Not known to many black metal enthusiasts, moreover the band members also disguise their identities to public; however, the band has not released anything remarkable yet. The band has only a demo released back in 2005, which has been followed by several split releases. Chalice of Blood has an EP on pipeline, entitled Helig, Helig, Helig, which is to be released on Daemon Worship Production.

Chalice of Blood plays orthodox black metal, somewhat similar to Orcivus, Ofermod, early Funeral Mist or Watain. Obviously these resemblances don’t explain what’s going on this 20 minute release. The band has some flourishing melodies to offer with usual grim black metal background.


The EP starts off with a melodic tremolo riff, followed by harmonized guitar notes on an intro titled as Hoor-Paar-Kraat. The intro certainly sets the mood for a chaotic black metal experience as Nightside Serpent breaks in. The guitar tones are sharp, tremolo picked and even there are breakdowns and clean guitars. The clean guitar sections are particularly pretty well timed and also mixed brightly (Transcend the Endless for example). The best part about the guitars are they actually pull on a good, solid background for a black metal release. The rhythm section is not pretty noteworthy, but some riffs are really good and well executed (Shemot and Transcend the Endless). The bass guitars are although buried under guitar tones, but they do make the sound and atmosphere heavy. The distorted bass lines could be heard properly as the guitar breaks down (Shemot, The Communicants). The drums are straightforward, typical blasts yet there are some long, nicely composed fills. The vocal does some great deliveries throughout. There’s not much variation on vocal style, the singer keeps shrieking on lyrics passionately. The vocals are a bit low in the mix, giving more place for the music to fit in. The mixing is done pretty well, with a strong production without hurting the atmosphere, resulting in a solid sound.

Now about the demerits of the album. Reinstated that, the album is pretty solid in sound. But there is certainly a lack of originality. There’s nothing exceptional the listener can expect but mid paced black metal, which is obviously an evidential orthodox release. Another down point I can state about is, the band somewhat slipped to execute the ideas they planned. For example, the track The Communicants has some redundant moments in it. However, that’s acceptable for the good melodies the band has provided afterwards.

To finish with, Helig, Helig, Helig is overall an admirable record with a solid sound, but lacks the originality somewhat. However, this EP can be claimed as a good start for Chalice Of Blood’s upcoming journey. The EP is recommended for the fans of bands like Watain, Ofermod, Nefandus or more elaborately, fans of Swedish black metal.


Highlights: Transcend the Endless, Shemot.


Score: 72/100


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The band chose to remain unknown.




Release Date: January 15th, 2015


Label: Daemon Worship Production


Daemon Worship Production official site:

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Ascension – The Dead Of The World


Ascension, perhaps need no introduction to the fans of occult black metal. As a band, these Germans have created a mist of aura about themselves- primarily with their stunning music accompanied by excellent lyrics and a magical hymn procreated on western esoteric metaphysics. The band willingly chose to disguise their identity as a mean to their firm withstanding to the mainstream trends and also to differentiate their level of maturity over the tons of band labeling themselves as black metal. Their seven years journey through the clandestine passages of superior wisdom has seen its destination in two full lengths so far – Consolamentum and The Dead of the World which is scheduled to be released on 24th of December, 2014. All of their releases so far has been distributed by the German label, World Terror Committee.


Ascension have always put priority on composing music to reflect their ideas and messages perfectly, with dark and menacing guitar riffs, driven on melody and heavier bass guitars. To take the listeners into the deepest trench of hell, this time the band chose to slower their tempo- almost to a doom-ish scale as the first track The Silence of Abel breaks in. This is the primary deviation the band has developed since the release of Consolamentum. The guitars are slow, heavy and punishing as the running time forwards. The hint of progression in the sound becomes audible with clearer production (not cheesy at all if compared to Watain’s The Wild Hunt). The effective use of sharp guitar melodies and so-often shredding solos in contrast with dark, spine chilling ambiences. If you are looking for traditional thin sounding atmosphere, then Ascension is to be ruled out of your school. The distinctive and increased bass mixing amplifies the dimension of heaviness so to speak. If it seems overhyped then Mortui Mundi could be a perfect example. The drums, are not typical at all. No shitloads of blasts or generic double basses, but the drums are composed here with care to suit the steady, punishing background. The tortured, suffered screams are sure to lose your soul in the vast, lethal darkness of eternal sleep… yes that’s what the band vents about on this record. The elegy of souls and the eternal demise of the world- which has been sheltered and invoked throughout the dirges from this chapter.

The sound of Ascension on this record is remarkable, the direction the band chosen is a matter of debate (confronted mostly by the steadfast orthodox fans), but the modern black metal fans should consider this album as a masterpiece and recommend as a must-listen. If you are a fan of black metal digging both the 2nd wave and modern school, you should give it a listen: the dark, chaotic sound won’t disappoint you at all. My personal opinion says, The Dead of the World could be considered as one of the best releases of 2014, coming out on a Christmas Eve, to mark the insignificance of a so called holy day and worship the eternal demise glorified by the great obscurity!

Score: 87/100


The Dark Tomb Shines: The apex of this full length in my opinion. This track could actually manifest the sound of this album as well as the modern black metal. Cold and eerie guitar rhythms, audible and independent bass guitars backed up by delicate drumming define the absolute black metal atmosphere. The subtle progression of soundly finely exemplified by the latter half of the song which ends up with the beauty of guitars.

Mortui Mundi: The title track as the Latin translation refers to it. This 10 minute opus starts off with malicious and evil riffs, continues with powerful vocals. This track has vocal contributions from infamous Mors Dalos Ra of Necros Christos. The song ends up with a long dual guitar solo with triggered atmosphere, a perfect ending to such a record.

The Silence of Abel: The album sets on with this track, the most doom-ish track on this record.

Unlocking Tiamat: Another slow yet heavy track on this record. Ritualistic sound and the psalming vocals from The Magus (Necromantia) ceases all the integrity there could be.

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The band chose to remain unknown.


Release Date: 24-12-2014

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World Terror Committee: (Digipack) (CD)

Season of Mist (North America):


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Death to Peace Prods (Canada) re-issued Infernal Execrator Compilation in Tape format

6 years cover art

Irreligious black/death terror of Singahell, Infernal Execrator‘s six years anniversary compilation, “Mastema Hedonistic Territorial 666”  has been re-issued by Death to Peace Productions from Canada. Only 100 copies of Pro Tapes (Product Code:  DTPP001) have been re-issued and the first 33 copies come with a button.

The Compilation was originally released from Evil Dead Production of Malaysia as CD format in the anniversary of 6 Execrating Years Of Irreligiousatanic Elite, Infernal Execrator.

Track list:

1 Thy Demonization Conquers-2

2 Unholy Flame Of Odium

3 Pure Genocidal Apocalypse

4 Massacre Of the Evangelist

5 Antichrist Execration

6 Mastema Hedonistic Terroritual 666

7 Sodomythical Frostgoat

8 Final Blasphemy (ultimate Irreverent)

9 Armageddon Bestial Battle Live Desecration

10 True Anti-Religious Elite

11 Armageddon Bestial Battle

12 Diabolos Execratus Exescari

13 Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination

“2 new tracks taken from their 7″, live ritual track in Godbeheading ritual 2009 and raw rehearsals tracks!”

Listen to Infernal Execrator- True Anti Religious Elites:

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——Zoheb Mahmud——-

Interview with Ashir of Infernal Execrator:

Review – Infernal Execrator – Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent:

Vomitwolves – Ceremonial Offerings


Earlier this year, we featured two contents (Interview with the band members and Review of the debut full length, Chapel of Rot) of Gulfport, Mississippi based black/death metal band Vomitwolves. The band consists of Jill M, who handles the vocal duty and Jared M, who plays all  the instruments. The couple of wolf terror rejoiced me with their first two releases and being a loyal fan of the band, it was obvious to check their new release, “Ceremonial Offerings”, which is a 03 track ep.


Opening track, “The Insatiable Earthen Womb” begins with sinistrous riff and shortly afterwards it gets more lethal with the support of the intense drum hammering and the malicious voice of Jill. Following two tracks, “Unearthly Dimensions” and “Ceremonial Offerings” showcase more wrathful atmosphere. Final and the title track can be regarded as the personal favorite from the ep because of its destructive structure.

Jill’s howling filled with malice is enough to conjure up the spirit of arch demon. Inhuman vocal skill of her is surely one of the most preprocessing elements of the ep.  In the previous releases, presence of some bizarre high pitched screeches of Jill was audible, but those screeches are missed here. But without a single doubt, her voice forces the tracks of these ep to sound more belligerent.

In terms of songwriting, definitely the ep surpasses the previous materials of the band. Combination of fast aggressive drumming and deadly packages of riffing makes me feel that Jared was at boiling point while writing the tracks of the ep. My intuition can be wrong, but the way he structured these songs deserves to be eulogized. Guitar tone also perfectly matches with the raw atmosphere of the music.

Just like the previous releases, no guitar solo is present here and the bass work is also not perceptible. Well, these things cannot be considered as a drawback. But in some cases, the arrangements of the drumming are just not parallel with the overall music. In the opening track, Jill’s voice was slightly covered under the high tempos of guitar and drum. Well, these are just my opinion.

I prefer this ep over the previous releases of the band. While playing their barbaric primitive styled black/death metal music, they have successfully maintained the raw atmosphere. The members intend to keep it as a studio project, but certainly it will be an intense headbanging experience for the audiences if the band will ever hit the stage  by recruiting live members.

Score: 81/100

——-Zoheb Mahmud——-

Stream the EP from Bandcamp:

Release Date: October 1st, 2014

Label: Speed Ritual Records (

Current Line up:

Jill M (Vocals)
Jared M (All Instruments)


Bengal Invasion of the GOATFATHER: Impiety’s First Ever Tour in Bengals

Nearly 25 years of existence- they have been one of the pioneering extreme metal bands not only from their homeland Singapore but also from Asia and that is probably the reason why they are used to be claimed as the GOATFATHERS of Asian metal. The aggressive black/death/thrashers mighty IMPIETY have been one of the landmarks from Asia, having toured in many countries and playing in a good number of major metal festivals, the band set for its first South Asian tour, namely The Heretical Decimation– to play in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kolkata and Delhi, India.


The journey began on the 6th of November when they hit Dhaka to play in BANISH THE POSERS FEST II (BTPF – 2014) on 7th of November and moved to Kolkata to play in ORDER OF THE HERETICAL TRIDENT FESTIVAL on 8th November. The story and journey from their BENGAL INVASION has been illustrated by Safwan Hossain, from Dhaka and Rupsa Das, Kolkata.

November 7th 2014, Russian Culture Center, Dhaka Bangladesh: For nearly 24 years, Death/Black/Thrash metal crusaders Impiety have blasted listeners with their consistent insane guitar attack ,fast paced drumming and blasting bass combined with gruesome vocals of Shyaithan . Originally formed by then Sexofago bassist ShyaithanKommand, with Necro-Angelfornicator (former member of Sexfago, As Sahar, Abhorer) set to melt the faces of many metalheads. For the first time the impious army invaded South Asia with a tour entitled as The Heretical Decimation Tour. For the first time they stepped on this land supported by Bengal decimators Orator, Nafarmaan, Nafrator for what was expected to be an evening of quality live metal along with Enmachined as opening acts. This being the first time ever seeing Impiety, it was sure to be a different and unique experience.

After Orator ended their performance the battle cry for the invasion started. Spikes, studs and sheer insanity this is how I explain if someone asks me about how Impiety was that day! After the intro had begun, the crowd was chanting and shouting IMPIETY, IMPIETY. Energy burst out was phenomenal there. Impiety played one hour set list including my favorite Carbonized. Amit Skullbearer from Orator did guest vocals on Torment in Fire.


The crowd was in a chaotic frenzy, moshpits galore with much of the lyrics being sung throughout. They ended their set to a loud roar of approval from a sweaty crowd and even through their 9-song set list, they played the best set for the night and left no doubt in my mind why they are one of the leading metal bands to ever grace the planet. Thanks a lot to Primitive Invocation for organizing such a show and providing us with the lifetime chance to experience Impiety in Bangladesh. Hails Mighty IMPIETY!

Set List:

Vientos de Holocausto


Accelerate the Annihilation

Ravage and Conquer


Slaughterror Superiority


Torment in Fire (Featuring Skullbearer of Orator)

Ave satanas

November 8, 2014, The Basement, Kolkata, India:

It was one of those usual days of the cold month of November. In spite of being a colder morning, the afternoon became hotter than usual as it was the 8th of November, when Mighty Impiety was to desecrate Kolkata in Order of the Heretical Trident festival organized by one of the oldest extreme metal organization, Putrid Ascendancy or as we usually know them in Kolkata as ‘PA’. After annihilating Bangladesh the day before, it was the time for Kolkata to face the wrath of this mighty band. Two other overseas bands was about to join but due to few unfortunate events which mainly includes visa issues, they had to be crossed off the list. The show started at around 12 which were near about the time when they desired to open the gates. Four other kickass local bands were there, to warm up for the final lap of Impiety annihilation race. After some fierce music by the localites, the final act was about to take the stage. Impiety started sound checking at about 6. People were skimmed out of the venue to give Impiety some time for a sound check. The venue, The Basement, a local pub was already brimming with quite a lot of people and when Impiety took the stage, it was a cacophonous and a raucous affair. The Mighty Impiety finally took the stage. The next one hour was an overwhelming and an opportunity of a life time.

Impiety overtook the whole atmosphere of the little pub with spikes, axes, energy and everything else, that people were waiting for, to receive. They started their set list with an instrumental followed by one of my personal favorite and one of the first songs that I heard by them, ‘Christ Fucking Christ’. They tore the place down with the first song itself. The tightness, the energy and the experience everything showed, up on the stage. I, myself was stunned and could not believe that I had the opportunity to see Impiety perform in front of my eyes. They surely sped up the whole destruction procedure with ‘Accelerate the Annihilation’, ‘Advent of Nuclear Baphomet, ‘Torment in Fire’, ‘Vientos De Holocausto’, ‘Carbonized’ and ‘Staughterror superiority’. I was taken by a surprise when they performed ‘Anal Madonna’. That song name always cracked me up and lit me up with a smile. There was a special twist in the song ’Torment in Fire’. The brainchild and one of the creators of the festival and ‘PA’, Carnage Desecrator, was called up on stage to join Impiety on stage. Screams and shouts of cheers filled the air. Special mention goes to the drummer who was a beast on the stage. He is aptly named, Dizazter. Special mention goes to LahiruChathuranga De Siva (Reverend Khaostorm) of Serpent Athirst, who came all the from Sri Lanka to support the festival. Impiety dedicated a song to him as well showing gratitude to his eternal support. The show ended with people complaining about sore neck, soothed eyes and all in all, a contented heart and a fulfilled desire.


Impiety was bestial on stage and off stage they were humble and the most beautiful people you could ever meet. With the intimidating stature yet a very friendly of Shyaithan, a cool and calm Nizam and an energetic and friendly Dizazter, Impiety completes themselves with one of the best bands to be seen onstage and offstage. They talked to people, clicked pictures, signed CD’s and posters without the slightest of air in them. There was the news of them enjoying Kolkata Biriyani with few of the organizers as well. Impiety was an experience more than a band seen and people who missed out on these monsters, they surely missed a lot.

Setlist (Not in order):

Vientos de Holocausto


Accelerate the Annihilation


Slaughterror Superiority


Torment in Fire (Featuring Desecrator of Necrodeity)

Ave satanas

Anal Madonna

Some sneak peeks from Impiety’s The Heretical Decimation tour (by Louis Rando)

Some moments captured during BTPF 2014 (by Shafayet Chowdhury):

Some moments at Order of the Heretical Trident Festival (by: Sujnya Das) :

Impiety are:

Shyaithan (Vocals, Bass)

Nizam Aziz (Guitars)

Louis Rando (Drums)


Safwan Hossain

Rupsa Das

Read the Interview with Shyaithan, frontman of Impiety: