Ius Talionis, the German Black Metal horde have recently a demo out. This four track demo is titled ‘Eleutheromania’. Being the first offering from the band, ‘Eleutheromania’ is definitely appreciable. Though all the lyrics are in German, but as the band had provided us the English meaning and explanation, so I can surely conclude that the lyrics are pretty well written. In their lyrics, the band had mostly focused on themes like death, anti-cosmic occultism, war, ambiguity of light and darkness etc. From the point of sound, Ius Talionis is more of a Melodic Black Metal band. In all the four songs there were crunchy riffs and melodic guitar solos.


The first song titled Irrlicht (transl. = Will-o’-the-wisp or ignis fatuus) starts with an atmospheric vibe but I have completely lost in when the band totally got into the song. The drumming was not satisfactory and did sound too soothing for a Black Metal song. But the guitar works and the vocal was amazing indeed. About bass there was nothing significant but the playing was tight.

The second track was title Das Antlitz des Krieges (transl. = The face of war). Here the drumming was improved. There were some aggressive blasts but again too polished sound for Black Metal which is never expected. Again mentionable guitar work. Some totally banging riffs and beautiful works with melody was absolutely mesmerizing. The vocal did give an amazing output in this song.

The third track from from the demo was titled Im Angesicht des Todes (transl. = In the face of death). Unlike the previous one, this one was a bit Amon Amarth-ish. Some Scandinavian Viking melodic stuffs came repeatedly. The guitar solo at the end was not much impressive. Ignoring a few parts, the drumming was good overall but that sound problem still remains.

The last song, the titled track Eleutheromania (transl. = A great desire or obsession forfreedom) starts with another example of weak drumming. That was not Black Metal drumming in anyway. Nothing significant was observed. Continuous kicks made the song completely monotonous. To me, it seemed that the song is unnecessarily lengthy. Guitar works seemed pretty average. But again, the vocal effort was outstanding.


Overall it was an above average release. Ius Talionis has all the potentials to do better. All they need is to be more cautious of their sound if they want to stick to the same genre.

 Score: 63/100

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

Stream/Download the entire album on Bandcamp:

Released on: September 06, 2014



Nár                         – Bass
Ryu                         – Drums
Viator Noctis      – Guitars
Eremos                  – Guitars
Koshmar               – Vocals

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iustalionis

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