Anal Vomit – New Track Streaming Online

Anal Vomit, undoubtedly a legendary name in the extreme metal scene of of Peru. The  black/death/thrash quartet initiated their gruesome voyage back in the 1992 and already have 3 full lengths in their discography. Fourth full length will be released by Icarus Music (Argentina).

Confront the first impact of their new black/death fever, “Brebaje de Muerte” (Brew of Death in English) from the upcoming full length, “PESTE NEGRA, MUERTE NEGRA” (Black Death, Black Plague in English).


Read the interview with their frontman, Possessor, talking about the new album and the other concerns related to Anal Vomit:

—– Zoheb Mahmud—–




Death Trap, the supreme Thrash/ Black assault from the deepest of the underground of Greece formed in the year 2013 has recently had their debut EP out. Titled ‘Full Moon Possession’, the EP contains 3 hellish tracks to blow your head off. This three track EP assault had got released from ‘Weird Face Productions’ in a 7″ vinyl format.

The 9 minutes and 45 seconds record starts with a well-composed intro title Sepulchral Whisper. This 1 minute and 6 seconds intro will definitely give the listeners a vibe about what is coming next.


The titled track ‘Full Moon Possession’ is a superb one. Killer vocal, banging riffs and bass work and hell pounding drums. Throughout the composition there were some shivering clean screams and killer breakdowns like old school thrash attacks of 80’s.

The final track ‘Bestial Worship’ was also a terrific number. Some short but killer guitar solos throughout the song took it to a supreme level.

What I personally think, the kind of sound the Death Trap had come up with does not signify their genre properly. It is more like old school classic thrash rather than Thrash/ Black. I think they should give it a thought.

Overall, ‘Full Moon Possession’ is a terrific release. Death Trap has successfully shown all of their potentials to have a great future ahead. These bangers from Greece really know how to thrash. That sums up all!

 Score: 80/ 100

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

Stream/Download the entire album on Bandcamp:

Released on: April 14, 2014

Label: Weird Face Production

Death Trap are: 

Giannis Grim Drums (2013-present)
Ilias Bekas Guitars (2013-present)
Mixalis Skliros Vocals (2013-present)
Kostas Pavlidis Bass (2014-present)


Vile Insignia – Vile Insignia


Vile Insignia, may not be the ‘vilest’ among the big names, but the band has surely some afflicted and commanding sound under their belt. Their debut and only affiliation, so far is the EP sharing the same title as the bands. Originating from Alberta, Canada, one of the provinces giving birth to bands such as Revenge, Antediluvian, Axis of Advance and such, Vile Insignia chose to walk a different path, a bit progressive approach to raw and filthy black/death metal. That’s how I’d describe the sound of the band and Yes, the sound is obviously unique than most other bands you have heard from that specific style.

1236078_693970887297098_522227774_nThe EP starts off straight with a killer death metal guitar riff before breaking into a malicious and evil tone that continues till it experiences a change in scales at around 2:08 seconds. An absolute start to a solid death/black record. As instated before, the tone has a progressive notch to it, you can frequently experience the dynamic shifts in guitar patterns. Wait, the guitar is not as much progressive you may think, (obviously not alike Enslaved or Opeth), the progression is just a breeze around. The guitarist Don Atkinson has some damn serious skills with his guitars, and his almost flawless efforts can be heard here and there throughout this 35 minutes piece. Some excellent riffs can be heard on tracks such as Creations of Disharmony (around 0:38, 4:02), Smoldering Remains on the Sky (around 2:57, 4:06). The intro riff on Morbid Tales of Bloodshed can easily remind one of the early era Swedish black metal bands, whereas the track Beneath the Frozen Soil has some OSDM influences (around 5:01). The tremendous efforts by the guitarists, however been understated by drums. The guitar patterns are solid and varied throughout the course, but the drums are not as good as guitars. The drums consist of mostly double kick playing with occasional blasts and slight variations. The drum lines keep the music at good pace all the time, but it’s just not up to the mark if I stay honest. The bass guitars, however stay under guitar all the times, and so to say, the bass is as good as guitars although you can hear them occasionally. The vocals are good, delivered with mostly screeches and partly the snarling voices. The production quality is satisfactory (for black/death metal of course!) but you can hear some mastering issues, which could be done right, however, for a debut EP, it’s not even a big deal.

So to say, Vile Insignia has a pretty solid start out to their journey. The self-titled EP has shown some enhanced musical understanding by the band with its four track overture. It’s recommended to the fans of black and death metal as well as to the people having affinity for some extreme progressive metal! If you have the EP available to you, GO FOR IT.

Recommended: Smoldering Remains of the Sky, Morbid Tales of Bloodshed.

Score: 78/100

By: Somber Oracle

Stream the EP from bandcamp:

Release Date: January 25th, 2013

Label: Self Released


Don Atkinson (Guitars)

Jesse Nyboe (Guitars)

Cody Emms (Vocals)

Devan (Bass)

Aaron Panich (Drums)


Riti Occulti – Secta

I got hypnotized for a while when I first discovered the monumental music of Riti Occulti. Their self titled debut album subjugated me to hail their miraculous music skills. Their second offering, “Secta”, a concept album that elucidates the Alchemical evolution from Plumbum to Argentum (Silver) and Aurum (Gold). Comparing “Secta” with the debut album, it can easily be avowed that the band has evolved much both in terms of sonority and concept.


Before moving to the actual review, this is to be informed that the band plays a meld of black and stoner/doom metal and they play it without having any guitarist. So, the last part of the previous statement may perplex others or it may influence other to carry the question – “how does  the band sound without guitar?”. Well, it can surely be assured with one voice that with the exception of guitar usage, their sound is not inferior to that of any other peers.

Nigredo” (blackness), the initial and the putrefaction step of the alchemical voyage has been named as the opening of the album. The track is a borrowing from “Tecum Principium“. Second track, “Plumbum” offers a slow paced experience and the usage of saxophone definitely provides a well platform to make it an interesting one.  Elisabetta’s haunting voice flourishes the track properly.  Thick bass line  in the beginning part of “Stannum” actually reminds me of the extreme vibes of the bands like Mystifier, Mortuary Drape etc. The overall bass deliveries in the track together with the accurate drumming, hallucinatory effects of the synthesizers and the combination of the voice of Serena and Elisabetta bound me to consider it as one of the best tracks of the album.  Seductive effects of the synthesizer and the enchanting bass rhythms present in “Ferrum” took me to the early acid,occult rock and Black Sabbath era.  The music has truly turned as strong as the Iron (Ferrum) in this track.  The mystic trip keeps running with “Aes”, “Argentum”, “Argentum Vivum”. Sudden necrotic screams of Serena may shiver the audiences in the “Argentum” track and obviously this is another favorite from the album.  Second part of “Argentum Vivum” purveys an eerie, dark, ritualistic atmosphere that is really fascinating.  In “Aurum”, the band successfully passes the steps of both Citrinitas and Rubedo. The goal of turning silver to gold has been achieved through it and ingeniously they have placed the mystique concept in their music. It is a bit confusing that why has the band named the last track as “Albedo” as it has been regarded as the second phases (phase of whiteness) and the band has already achieved their ultimate goal in the track “Aurum” where the silver has already been turned into gold.

It is always enjoyable to listen to the extreme metal bands who are not a leaf out of other’s book. Riti Occulti is truly one of them that develop their own sound. The lyrics are properly written according to the concept. Liquid bass work of Niccolò that engulfs the whole album never makes me feel the absence of the guitar. Soul-stirring voice of Elisabetta can be regarded as the voice of a white witch and the nefarious screams/screeches of Serena are enough to reincarnate the evil. Synthesizer? of course it perfectly balances the atmosphere of the album with the help of superficial (yet perfect) drumming. But what would happen if they had any guitarist? Who knows? Maybe more alluring or maybe not, but surely the album is highly recommend to the likers of black metal, stoner, doom and the early acid, occult rock.

Score: 83/100

By: Zoheb Mahmud



1. Nigredo 02:01
2. Plumbum 08:34
3. Stannum 05:04
4. Ferrum 05:16
5. Aes 06:25
6. Argentum 05:48
7. Argentum Vivum 06:26
8. Aurum 05:16
9. Albedo 06:27

Released on: November 19, 2013

LabelEpidemie Records (


Ivano Mandola Drums
Niccolò Tricarico Bass, Bouzouki
Sara Del Regno Synthesizers
Serena Mastracco Vocals (screams)
Elisabetta Marchetti Vocals (clean)


Pierluigi Ferro Saxophone






Ius Talionis, the German Black Metal horde have recently a demo out. This four track demo is titled ‘Eleutheromania’. Being the first offering from the band, ‘Eleutheromania’ is definitely appreciable. Though all the lyrics are in German, but as the band had provided us the English meaning and explanation, so I can surely conclude that the lyrics are pretty well written. In their lyrics, the band had mostly focused on themes like death, anti-cosmic occultism, war, ambiguity of light and darkness etc. From the point of sound, Ius Talionis is more of a Melodic Black Metal band. In all the four songs there were crunchy riffs and melodic guitar solos.


The first song titled Irrlicht (transl. = Will-o’-the-wisp or ignis fatuus) starts with an atmospheric vibe but I have completely lost in when the band totally got into the song. The drumming was not satisfactory and did sound too soothing for a Black Metal song. But the guitar works and the vocal was amazing indeed. About bass there was nothing significant but the playing was tight.

The second track was title Das Antlitz des Krieges (transl. = The face of war). Here the drumming was improved. There were some aggressive blasts but again too polished sound for Black Metal which is never expected. Again mentionable guitar work. Some totally banging riffs and beautiful works with melody was absolutely mesmerizing. The vocal did give an amazing output in this song.

The third track from from the demo was titled Im Angesicht des Todes (transl. = In the face of death). Unlike the previous one, this one was a bit Amon Amarth-ish. Some Scandinavian Viking melodic stuffs came repeatedly. The guitar solo at the end was not much impressive. Ignoring a few parts, the drumming was good overall but that sound problem still remains.

The last song, the titled track Eleutheromania (transl. = A great desire or obsession forfreedom) starts with another example of weak drumming. That was not Black Metal drumming in anyway. Nothing significant was observed. Continuous kicks made the song completely monotonous. To me, it seemed that the song is unnecessarily lengthy. Guitar works seemed pretty average. But again, the vocal effort was outstanding.


Overall it was an above average release. Ius Talionis has all the potentials to do better. All they need is to be more cautious of their sound if they want to stick to the same genre.

 Score: 63/100

Reviewed by: Asmodeus

Stream/Download the entire album on Bandcamp:

Released on: September 06, 2014



Nár                         – Bass
Ryu                         – Drums
Viator Noctis      – Guitars
Eremos                  – Guitars
Koshmar               – Vocals