Battlestorm – From Hell


In the recent 2000s, there have been some sort of surge in Asian metal scenes, blasting out newer bands from extreme metal genres- mainly death, thrash and black metal bands influenced by early era death metal sounds. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan has been the prominent Asian countries for the metal scene to breed. However, Singapore has been the center for Asian metal scene because of having many a great bands within its boundary, and of course the last half of 2000’s has been a boom for “Singahellian” extreme metal acts. Battlestorm, have been a significant addition to the Singaporean metal scenario, playing a blended style of death/black metal. Formed in 2008, the trio has released 2 demos, 2 split releases and a full length album. The band is set to release a new EP entitled “From Hell”. The release date is not fixed yet, as the band is still on search for a label to spread their hatred.


To describe the sound of the EP, as mentioned earlier, a blend of death and black metal, staying typical to the Singaporean death/black metal sound. So nothing new nor exceptional to hear on this EP. Faster, horrid death metal-ish riffs, torrent small solos- are frequent on this 5 track release. You can hear resemblance from Cannibal Corpse (intro of track Holy Jezabel), Impiety (on track From Hell), Infernal Execrator, Draconis Infernum, Zygoatsis and forth. Some thrash metal influenced melodies can also be heard on the track Thor-Crowned Carrion. The bass on the songs are lowered, which is absolutely alright for the type of songs are listening to, however the bass guitars support the songs pretty well. (Listen to Holy Jezebel). The drums are pretty solid, switching to blasts more often, you can basically hear all the techniques that can be embedded in black/death metal structures. So nothing to complain about the drums. The lyrics writing has been improved on this EP if compared to preceding releases. The songs tell about death, execution and anti-religion. The lyrical lines are spit out hatefully, although the vocals are standard screeching voices and not much varied. Production-wise, the album sounds strong and clear, no unnecessary rawness is intended on the release. The EP, ends with an exclusive Bathory tribute “War”.

Battlestorm’s upcoming EP, From Hell, can’t be claimed as phenomenal or something extra ordinary, but it does exhibit some solid death/black textured extreme metal. Go for this EP if you are fanatic about Asian extreme metal.

Highlights: From Hell – Second track from the EP’s setlist. Straightforward black/death decimation right on your ear. Crushing riffs, frequent shifts and varied drumming. Standout track on this EP.

Score: 72/100.

Listen to Battlestorm – From Hell


1. The Abyss (Intro)
2. From Hell
3. Holy Jezebel
4. Thor-Crowned Carrion
5. War (Bathory Cover)
Line up:
Hades (Vocals, Guitars, Bass)
Djinn (Guitars)
Iblis (Drums)

Interview : Nightbringer (Naas Alcameth)

242672_173563142699428_1043819_o Fourth full length of Nightbringer, Ego Dominus Tuus is one of the most anticipated album among the enthusiasts of the black metal music. The album is set to be released on the final day of September, 2014. Three spectacular tracks from the album have already been premiered and undeniably these revered creations have necessitated a wistful longing among the listeners to experience the taste of the full length. It goes without saying that the crafts that Nightbringer make transparent through their wondrous music are not a dime a dozen.  The esoteric and occult essence that are reflected from Nightbringer’s music simply deserve admiration.  The band flawlessly holds a combination of eccentric sound and expansive spiritual based lyrical theme that can be regarded as an aestheticism in black metal music.

New full length is probably going to be a watershed of the modern occult oriented black metal movement. We have had in details conversation with the founder of the band, Naas Alcameth where he has opened a lot of words about the new release and more about Nightbringer and his other projects.

971408_570436009678804_1307712913_n (1)

  • Et Nox Illuminatio Mea In Deliciis Meis is a phenomenal creation. Maybe the track is just a glimpse of the entire album, but it has definitely increased my craving for listening to the Fourth Full Length of Nightbringer.

Naas Alcameth: Thank you.

  • Would you like to light up our readers by revealing the information about the upcoming full length? I can feel the presence of more atmospheric vibe in the mentioned track and the sinistrous signature guitar tones are also audible here. Brief us about the concept, writing and recording process of the album.

N.A.: The concept is based on a cipher of a certain sacred name, in which is veiled a hierarchical formula consisting of three parts which represent three phases upon the path of the Great Work when approached from the infernal road. Without saying too much on the topic I can say that the concept of ordeal is central to the path of which we are relaying. To reiterate what has been previously said regarding all of this, it represents the path of ordeal, from the transformative Fires of the Art within the crucible of the underworld, to the revelation of the Daimon to the Guardian at the Threshold and slaying the Sun of Death, Light of Lucifer. The allegory is sacred and has no direct bearing on any of the mundane aspects of the album’s creation. It is meant to reflect a spiritual process and the greatest spiritual aspirations. The writing and recording process was approximately one year in duration from start to finish. The songs were written independently by the respective core members with concept and overall shared vision kept in mind of course. We approached all of this in a very exhaustive and meticulous manner, more so than ever before and we believe the final result greatly reflects this.

  • It can be assumed that each of the members of the Nightbringer has endowed their parts for the full length, just like the previous occasions. Am I correct? Which of the tracks are structured from your part?

N.A.: This is correct. Musically I am responsible for writing and recording Et Nox, Lantern of Eden’s Night, I am the Gateway and The Otherness of Being, as well as the ambient pieces Prayer of Naphal and Call of the Exile which I did in collaboration with H. McFarlane of Funerary Call and the track Salvation is the Son of Leviathan which I created myself. VJS is responsible for the writing and recording of the tracks Things which are Naught and Where Fires Never Dreamt of Man and Ophis is responsible for the writing and recording of the track The Witchfires of Tubal-Qayin. I am lyrically responsible for Nephal, Et Nox, Lantern of Eden’s Night, Salvation is the Son of Leviathan and The Otherness of Being, while aRRa’ad handled Things which are Naught and Where Fire never Dreamt of Man and Ophis handled The Witchfires of Tubal-Qayin. 10488381_669504969771907_6592913651358618733_n

  • Is the album name somehow related to Ego Dominus Tuus of B. Yeats? If it is, then do any of the tracks have resemblance with that poem of W.B. Yeats?

N.A.: The title was indeed inspired by Yeats poem, specifically his concept of the daimon. Outside of this specific element of inspiration the lyrics are specific to the album concept mentioned above and not inspired from Yeats outside of this conception of one’s daimon.

  • Lyrics of the track Et NoxIlluminatio Mea InDeliciisMeis is based on 139th Psalm and in fact the moniker of the track has also been taken from a line from it. 139th Psalm asserts the ubiquity of God. Does the lyric of the track also refer to the ubiquity of anything – any deity-or Satan?

N.A.: Indeed it does. The lyrics are influenced from this psalm, which I felt, via a heretical approach, evokes such symbols as the ‘midnightsun’ and the ‘night of light’, symbols important to our work. The lyrics also touch upon the Greek ‘melancholia’ and the sovereignty of Saturn over those of us who are born with his mark and our relation to the former concepts. It relays the idea of ecstatic furorth at it is said one may enter in order to obtain wisdom, which is imparted both from ‘above’, ‘below’ and ‘within’, via a state of ‘divine madness’, the inspiration felt at the heights of an ecstatic state. As for mans amazement towards God, this would also be correct but in this track specifically the amazement is towards a specific aspect or face of God (God as understood as the Absolute as it is used in a Platonic/Orphic tradition), which in one instance may be expressed as Saturn and another as Satan. Regarding the interpretation of the ‘extermination of non-believers’ from the lines within the psalm, from this approach and personal interpretation, theselines serve to express our utterest rangement from those who are diametrically and fundamentally our spiritual opposites, and ultimately the irrevocable schism of those who would strive to truly be awakened, truly alive and those who are, unbeknownst to them, irredeemably dead. Inevitably we all will be ‘as food for the gods’, we are all slain unless we learn to be otherwise.

  • David Herrerias has done the Cover Art. We have previously witnessed some of his splendid creations in the cover art of Necrocurse and Noxious Anathema. What message does the artwork reflect and how is it related to the concept of the album?

N.A.: The album cover directly depicts the hierarchical triad, the enigma of the sacred name and path spoken of above. a3490509015_10

  • Menthor and ar-Ra’d al-Iblis reside far away from the other members of the band. Has it ever become an unpleasant incident for you in terms of recording and maintaining other activities?

N.A.: Actually it really has not been a problem. The core members essential to the music composing and recording all reside here in Colorado, minus our drummer Menthor who is able to efficiently record his tracks from afar with some back and forth discussions and simple revisions. It has all worked out very well. 1473004_574604179261987_633607636_n

  • Let’s traverse back to the last two split releases of Nightbringer – The Ruins of Edom (w/ Acherontas) and Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno(w/ Dødsengel).Both of the splits were conceptual approach. Is not it a demanding task to release a conceptual split with other bands as both of the bands need to cross the same path in terms of ideology and knowledge? Do you find the similarity with these artists in terms of philosophy?

N.A.: It was not so difficult as both bands share at least some commonality in regards to spiritual philosophies. There was plenty of discussion between both entities before and during the composition process as to what the unified visions would be. Although our outlook towards spirituality is not identical to either of these great acts there was enough common ground to build a solid and unified conception.

  • You are an admirer of both Ambient and Classical music. Implementation of the elements of these sophisticated genres has already been observed in the materials of Nightbringer. You are also associated with two ambient projects – Temple of Not and Akhlys. Do you have any intention to start any project related to classical music?

N.A.: At this time I have no plans to do such a thing but perhaps in the future. It is hard to say.

  • I think both Serpentanim and Excommunion are not full of life. What is the current circumstance of your other projects- Bestia Arcana, Akhlys and Temple of Not?

N.A.: Excommunion has been resurrected for another album although there will be much departure from what it was when I was a youth. This will be out sometime next year via Dark Descent. There are no immediate plans for ToN but some things are coming together slowly for an Akhlys release, but this may still be a ways off.

  • Regarding the Unholy Black Metal Fest – Gathering of Shadows in which you are associated with, what is the current condition of it?

N.A.: I am uncertain if the individual behind it will do another one or not truthfully. We would love to participate again if it does come to pass.

  • 2014 is the 15 years of the tenebrous journey of Nightbringer. Will there be any 15 year anniversary tour or at least can we expect any supportive tour for the release of the album. Recently, you have covered a lot of regions of Europe. Any plan to put step into the other parts of the world?

N.A.: That is unlikely however we do plan to return to European soil next year. As far as other parts of the globe, it is certainly being considered. 1601245_623755647680173_829091874_n

  • Gratitude to you for your efforts to answer the questions. Finally, anything else you want to unmask relating to the future and the forthcoming album?

N.A.: I will let the daimon speak for itself.  – Pete solem in domo Erebi.-

Conducted By: Zoheb Mahmud

Nightbringer is:

Naas Alcameth –  Vocal, Guitars, Bass

VJS – Guitars, Drums

ar-Ra’d al-Iblis – Vocal

Ophis – Guitars

Menthor – Drums



Chiral: Abisso: 50%

CHIRAL logo 425w

There is a wide landscape dominated by single people who create music by their own and it definitely belongs to black metal. For instance, Chiral is a project of this kind, coming from Italy. The music is described as progressive black metal and actually, it can be regarded like that, considering the various influences included there. The latest release of Chiral is the Abisso EP, basically the second material after a first demo released this year as well.

The EP starts with a windy intro, thunders and rain sounds and continues with „epic” keyboards. Then you can hear that so-called melancholic and atmospheric part and then that so-called nostalgic black metal riff and then some nasty doom death vocals and I honestly had enough of this during my lifetime. But let’s have faith for the second song, Atto I: Oblio and its nice raw black metal approach. Unfortunately the sound is awful especially because of those programmed drums. Otherwise, the guitar tone is quite bad even though the riff from the beginning is classic and good. The song comes with some acoustic breaks and this way of combining opposite dimensions gives power to the music, but I cannot say good things about the final part of the song that brings a non-musical chaos. At least the vocals became tolerably harsh. The piano from the following track is okay, but still I cannot find the purpose of the solo guitar that comes next. Anyways, things would have been great if only the drums have not started. But they did it again and after I forced myself to ignore their sound I could discover the best song of this material. It was the first time when I could notice the influences mentioned in the project’s description, like something from Dissection or Sacramentum, especially in the second half of the track. The final part of the record is a short and nice piano outro that uses again the windy sound in order to complete the circle in a classical manner.

CHIRAL - Abisso cover art 425w

Improvements are for sure needed when it comes to Chiral’s music, both in songwriting and musical production. People these days are making haste to release a record and that’s why they forget how to reach the essence of music and so they focus on creating a copy-cat material or music in general that brings a wide range of transiently influences. The musical market is very crowded, to put it like that, even if it’s all about metal music. I hope one day some musicians will be aware of that in order to make any kind of difference.

Release date: June 21st, 2014

Label: self released


1. Atto I: Disceso Nel Buio 04:04
2. Atto I: Oblio 05:20
3. Atto II: Abisso 11:42
4. Atto II: In Assenza 01:11


Chiral Voice, All Instruments, Programming
Ludovico Cuoghi Guest on Atto II: Abisso, guitar solo






By: Gina Sandulescu

Sturmtiger – World at War 1914-1918 : 78%



Sturmtiger have been active in the scene over a decade and previously they released some demos and EPs. Recently, they have come up with the debut full length, World at War 1914-1918 that has been released from Black Plague Records. The band was originated from Denmark and one can anticipate vigorously lethal black/death numbers from these trio.

Album title provides a proper intimation to the listeners that the concept is based upon the World War I and indeed it does. Band’s moniker, Sturmtiger – which has probably been taken from the assault gun of Nazi German era, may befog one to consider the band as a NSBM. Well, their music has no resemblance with that base born NSBM; their music is purely violent and merciless black/death metal. Sound of Sturmtiger is a little bit macerated considering the sound of war metal supremacies like Blasphemy, Conqueror, Black Witchery and Morbosidad. But of course war metal elements are audible here and their sound has much more kinship with Order from Chaos, Angelcorpse etc. Some thrash metal influenced riffing and drumming are also perceivable, for example: Sodom – Obsessed by Cruelty era.

The noxious war begins with the intro – The Assasination of Frang Ferdinand and further processes with the track – For your Fatherland. Well, I will acknowledge that For your Fatherland is not the proper source to evaluate the quality of the full length. Next track – Tank Attack is much more cold-blooded and the succeeding three tracks – Frontline, Trench Warfare and War Power are the climaxes of the album. Some of the tracks of the album starts with the introductory part or end with a concluding part that are historically linked to WWI.

With might and main, the combination of pounding riffages and butchering drum deliveries generate a dreadful sound. Gripping solos present in the album create a different air without any doubt. These solos are ephemeral but memorable. Drummer and guitarist both should be hailed for their blazing contribution to make the album successful. Vocal hold a decent ability to metastasize the pestilence of these war hymns, but in my opinion if the volume level of the vocal output could be recorded a bit louder, then it would spawn a more fully fledged result.

Two bonus tracks also appear in the album that are taken from their debut self-titled EP. These two tracks do not have the likeness with the original tracks of the album as the bonus tracks are completely black metal approach.

These warriors are bearing the torch of the primitive styled black/death metal. Yet their materials are not that revolutionary to light the fire of a new torch. Despite of that, I have never found out their materials as tiresome while blasting them in my music player. Numbers like Trench Warfare, Frontline work as a stimulator to bang my head.



Listen to “For your Fatherland”: 

Released: August 15, 2014

Label: Black Plague Records (USA)


1. Intro/For your Fatherland 04:50
2. Tank Attack 04:24
3. Frontline 05:05
4. Trench Warfare 07:05
5. War Power 04:55
6. Knivdrab 03:39
7. Mordet i Hammer Bakker 08:07



BL Drums
VJ Guitars
PB Vocals, Bass




By: Zoheb Mahmud

Interview: Anal Vomit

Gruesome Peruvian savagery Anal Vomit’s frontman “Possessor” talks about the upcoming release and more. Belching forth an aggressive thrash influenced primitive style of Black Metal he stormed the Hell Furnace gates and savaged our questions. Plough through the interview for getting temptation and pleasure.


5818_logo (1)


  • Infernal salutations unholy war brethren! Greetings from Venustas Diabolicus Zine. “Demoniac Flagellations” is a bestial creation that influenced me further to dig out your releases.

Possessor: Yeah maybe, but we released other materials before “DEMONIAC FLAGELLATION” and also released other materials after it, but that album made a sign in our music. It got a good acceptation from the maniacs around this putrid planet and other sodomy countries.


  • You’ve formed the band in 1992 from the putrid hell of Peru! Was Anal Vomit the first band of yours? Do you have any other side project besides “Anal Vomit”? I am just aware that Roy Noizer has another band named Saram. But I am not sure if you have/had any other side projects or not.

Possessor: ANAL VOMIT is my only fucking horde!! I don’t have any other metal band but I have other project based on traditional native Peruvian Music….not like fusion with metal, but pure native Peruvian music..

  • Interesting! Can you inform us about your native Peruvian music project?

Possessor:  Its name is Pachacamac, traditional sounds merged with contemporary instruments. I make chorus vocal, play bass guitar and other wind instruments together with other blood brothers of Incas Ceremonies.


  • Your upcoming full length titled as “Muerte Negra Peste Negra” translated in English as “Black Death Plague Black”. Would you care shedding some lights why this title was chosen?

Possessor: Our lyric is based on old horror film, witchcraft,satanism, dark side, horror and death “MUERTE NEGRA,PESTE NEGRA” is based on a real history about the black death plague in Europe.

  • Since the title of the album is set using Spanish language, can we expect Spanish lyric in some of the tracks?

Possessor: We mixed Spanish and English in This Album. It wasn’t Planned, It Just Happened.

  • Regarding the sound, probably we can anticipate same violence and abhorrence towards this LP like the previous ones. Anything you want to add about it? Which label will release it and when will it be available?

Possessor: Of COURSE DEMON. The album will be a real time bomb; this will be a blast against Christian souls and insults to Nazarene. South American black noise!!

  • Analogue atmosphere are audible in your later sound. You guys proudly do analog recording for studio records. How was your approach for the “Muerte Negra Peste Negra” recording sessions?

Possessor:  Analogue is Satan’s sound!!…..Will release it in vinyl….. In terms of sound, you can only expect blast, corrosion and war!!!!!

  • You have chosen the band’s name as Anal Vomit which is also a song by legendary Sarcofago. What are your other influences besides Sarcofago?

Possessor:  Well, we have a deep liking to Sacrofago but we don’t only take their influence in our composition…A lot of Extreme, Speed and Terror Bands have influenced us. A lot of Bastard Hordes of South American countries like Peru, Chile, Colombia and others have inspired us. Old Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Mob 47 and a lot of obscure ancient hordes will come to the list. We also dig some classical music like Mussorgsky, Paganini etc.


  • Anal vomit’s sound & lyrics have similarities to the early South American bands like Sepultura, Sacrofago, Vulcano. Do their early environment, life influenced your songs? Do you think that the overall environment, surrounding and life of Latin America influence these extreme metal bands to create such kind of aggressive music?

Possessor:  It happened when we started listening metal music in 80s/90s and the decomposed lyrics is related to our real South-American life, bombs, terrorism, bastard, politics etc…All are normal to us.

  • Anal vomit has lost its drummer. Is there any new permanent drummer going to join up the roster?

Possessor: Yes! Our new drummer is official; the new soldier is called “Hoyle”.


  • Sex is a crucial theme in your songs. What’s your opinion on promiscuity? 

Possessor: I support it !(Laughs)

  • Anal Vomit has struggled a lot in its early days. Did the band improve from that condition comparing to its earlier days? What role has the Internet played in spreading Anal Vomits plague? How do you take internet sharing of music, give us your opinion.

Possessor: In early days I used to think internet is a shit, but the good side of internet is it helped us spread our plague faster in other scene and in other hordes. I believe internet will be so stupid brain but if you consider its role to spreading our plague and metal terror, then yes, it is SO FINE.

  • What do you think about the Peruvian Metal Scene? Any other bands you like in your region? Why other potential bands hailing from Peru aren’t getting exposure worldwide? Does touring worldwide involve financial crisis or lack of aggressive promotion? 

Possessor:  Here we are having metal crisis, not economic crisis (Laughs). In Peru, we do not have any serious metal label. There are some promising young metal bands. Enigma and Possederunt are for example. I hope these bands will not die and will keep their violent activities in future. A lot of bands are not listened to by the outsiders and in most case the members do not work hard for their band. Drinking beer and other toxic elements is not everything because we are metal musician and we need to work hard for our music. 

But it is true that we had an obscure and very brutal metal scene in our history. Old bands from the 80s like Hadez, Mortem, Mortuorio etc are from this scene.

  • Do you have any confirmed shows/tour in the near future in other continents? You have not played outside your continents even though maniacs from the other parts of the world are yearning to see you live. It was pretty sad that you guys had to cancel gigs in Europe due to unavoidable circumstances. We would like to see you live in Bangladesh as well. 

Possessor:  Look, in Peru it is not so easy to get a fucking visa to travel worldwide. Problem is not the money but the shitty embassies of European countries. We have had various invitations to make gigs in Europe and USA. But the embassies caused a lot of troubles. 10418331_529901967141785_6030958705797998744_n

  • Any other words you want to share for our readers? It was a great pleasure to talk the frontman/bassist of a band that I admire a lot.

Possessor: Thanks for the interview and salutes to all maniacs in Bangladesh. We will make gigs in your country. We will try to make it possible and will meet soon. SALUTES DEMONS AND FALLEN ANGELS,,DEPRAVED AND ZOMBIES ,,,,,!!!!! ARGHHHHH !!!!


Conducted By: Safwan Hossain


“NOIZER” – Lead Guitars.
“POSSESSOR” – Vocals and Bass.
JOE HOYLE – Drums.
M. “NIHIL SOLDIER” – Guitars


Listen to “Brebaje De Muerte” from the upcoming Full Length:

Ofermod announces the release of a new EP

Ofermod is one of the bands responsible for shaping the modern black metal sound and an outstanding act from infamous Swedish black metal scene. Best known among the black metal fans for their more esoteric approach on lyrics, Ofermod spreads the significance of Luciferian darkness through their music which can be designated as “occult black metal”. Throughout the course of their journey since 1996, the band has released 2 full lengths, one demo and one EP. The band has returned again for a new EP entitled Serpents Dance. The EP, which is to be released through The Ajna Offensive this autumn. Serpents Dance contains three tracks – Chaos Reverberation, A Million Serpent’s Dance and the original version of track Tiamtu which was recorded back in 2005 but was never released. The EP will be out in 7” and MCD format. The release date is yet to be confirmed. 10170759_497307880381001_4923202444619021903_n

Track List:

1. Chaos Reverbnation

2. A Million Serpent’s Damce

3. Tiamtu (Bonus track on MCD)


Ofermod are:
Mika Hakola (Guitars, Vocals)
Johannes Kvarnbrink (Guitars, Vocals)
Robin Fjäll (Bass)
Simon Samuelsson (Drums)

Here’s a teaser of the song Chaos Reverberation from the EP Serpent’s Dance:

Ofermod on Facebook:

The Ajna Offensive on Facebook: