Leukemia confiscated the life of Astarte’s Tristessa (Maria Kolokouri)


When it comes to the term “All Female Black Metal Band”, Astarte from Greece is a prominent name. The band has bestowed the adherent of black metal music with their five impressive full length releases. Undoubtedly, fans must be downhearted to know the sad news of passing away of Marina Kolokouri, better known as her stage name Tristessa. The leader of the band was having leukemia and she had to quit from the battle against this fatal disease on yesterday (August 10, 2014). Short life of the black metal frontwoman comprised only 37 years.
Maria’s husband Nick Maiis has delivered the following statements revealing the sad news of her passing away:

Astarte_Wallpaper_by_coshkun“Maria she’s left from, this world,you are leaving a lot behind and my soul is in pain.You are a special person,you are my Wife .i will always adore you,our son and everybody that they love you.I will always honour you and you will never be forgotten .
Until we meet again my love i will will kiss you from inside of my soul
You Nick and your son Antonios”.

On December 30, 2013, Maria Kolokouri’s husband first announced that she had leukemia and was critically ill. However, previously announcement from her husband referred that the physical condition of her was getting better.


By: Zoheb Mahmud

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