Draconis Infernum: The Sacrilegious Eradication – 85%

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Draconis Infernum is one of the bands hailing from Asia that needs no introduction perhaps! They are one of the bands with crushing black metal sound to uphold their supremacy over the trend. These Singahellian black metallers are back with their third full-length entitled The Sacrilegious Eradication, released through Ketzer Records, Germany. The release itself is pretty different compared to their previous releases, sounding more matured and at the same time a bit “Scandinavian”.

Fair enough to say “The Sacrilegious Eradication” draws influence from acts like Sacramentum, Lord Belial on this record and blends them with the traditional Asian black metal, and the consequence is a supreme wall of sound on a melodic background. The atmosphere of the sound is hypnotizing with intense muted riffing. You won’t hear a boring moment with any of the instruments played. Let it be bass- they gets their own moments when you can hear them clear them, consider the track Anathema, there is actually a melody played on the bass. The often rhythmic guitars will remind of some of the great Scandinavian bands aforementioned. But take the track Trampling the Divine, in which melodic guitar riffs are played in Asian black metal pattern- reminiscent of Impiety and others. The drums are too good on this record, apart from the traditional blast beats, the drumming skills are shown by varying them on the guitar lines, no technique is overdone! Vocals? Imagine a beast raging in fury to tear off the barriers in front of it! The blasphemous lyrics are spit out in the way which the music sounds supreme- and it won’t disturb the fans of either raw or modern black metal. Yes, the production quality tickles the borderline between these two styles.

The album comprises of 8 songs- durable to a length of 38 minutes. The tracklist includes two cover songs- Anal Madonna (from Impiety’s debut full-length Asateerul Awaleen) and We are Unholy ( from Urgehal’s The Eternal Eclipse – 15 Years of Satanic Black Metal). The lyrics on this album, though not enriched as much, focus mainly on blasphemous themes and war against religion/god. There is nothing extra – ordinary in it.

The Sacrilegious Eradication is so far the best and unique work done by Draconis Infernum. This is not your average Asian black metal album. A must listen for the extreme metal fans.

Highlight: The Dying Light- an absolute stunner in terms of melody and composition. This song will remind you of profound Scandinavian acts e.g. Sacramentum, Unanimated.

The Sacrilegious Eradication- the title track is an ominous fusion of furious death and black metal like the early works by the band itself.

Anathema- perhaps the best track on the list.


Into the Darkness 05:30
The Blasphemous Wrath 05:35
Anathema 03:38
The Sacrilegious Eradication 04:50
Anal Madonna (Impiety Cover) 04:07
Trampling the Divine 06:03
We are Unholy (Urgehal Cover) 02:02
The Dying Light 05:40


Serberuz Hammerfrost (Bass, Vocals)

Niloc (Guitars)

Xepher (Guitars)

Profanator (Drums)

Xxxul666 (Bass, Guest on Anal Madonna) [ex – Impiety]

Hans Fyrste (Vocals, Guest on We are Unholy) [Svarttjern/Ragnarok]

Facebook of Draconis Infernum: https://www.facebook.com/draconisinfernum

Listen to The Dying Light:

Somber Oracle

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