Vomitwolves: Chapel of Rot: 85%


Vomitwolves. One hell of a Black/Death terror hailing from United States. Forming in 2012 the band has released one EP and one full-length so far. The self titled EP ‘Vomitwolves’ has got released on 2013. After getting some very positive responses from the listeners, earlier this year, Vomitwolves have came up with their debut full-length ‘Chapel of Rot’. The album has got out from Speed Ritual Records. Throughout the album, Jared M played all the instruments. Jill M was on the vocals.


a3556327334_10‘Chapel of Rot’ consist eight intense tracks:

  The Void Below 01:46  
  Chapel of Rot 02:32  
  Hymns of Plague 02:36  
  Unearthly Ascension 02:15  
  Glorification of Suffering 03:43  
  Damnations Dead Cacophony 01:38  
  Vile Manifestations 02:34  
  Harbinger of The End 02:36  
Total Duration 19:40  

 From the first track ‘The Void Below’ till the last one ‘Harbinger of The End’; Vomitwolves have just blown me away. All the tracks are faster than hell! All of them! Jared has just spellbound me by his intense drumming. Along with the diabolic blasts he has also shown his mentionable skills and notable double paddle works. In every song, he has come up with some brilliant changes, moves and skills along with his infernal exhibition of blasts and rolls.

3540366421_photoThroughout the album, there was no guitar solo. All the tracks were based on rhythm and riffs consisting mentionable tremolo picking. I will not say, the guitar work was brilliant, but hey! It was good without any doubt. And I will certainly appreciate the guitar tone that Jared has used. It was so raw and old school that just completed the tracks. If Jared would not have been using that tone, the album could be a total mess.

Throughout the album, there was no mentionable bass work. Probably Jared has played it just by following the guitar notes. But that is no problem. The point is, the bass output was not up to the mark. A little bit louder bass work could have made the full-length much heavier.

Now comes the vocal. Jill M has just totally nailed it! Her terrifying screams and brilliant changes made the album darker as fuck! When she sings, it sounds like Satan himself is whispering at your years! Throughout the album, Jill was flawless. I dare to say that, Jill is probably the best addition to the history of the female extreme metal vocalists.

The mixing and mastering of the album was just perfect. It was no over-polished soft-core shit. By nature ‘Chapel of Rot’ is raw and pure fucking old school. The atmosphere in the vocals and the raw output of the drums has successfully made a signature sound of Vomitwolves.

1897761_1425840067655662_165621062_nOne thing to mention that the whole album duration is only around 20 minutes. Which is not satisfactory enough for a full-length. Despite the duration shortcoming, the album is very well composed one with some brilliantly written songs.

‘Chapel of Rot’ is undoubtedly one of the best metal releases of the year so far.

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Review by: Asmodeus

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