Interview with Incarion


Incarion, can be certainly claimed as old demons in Eastern Black Metal Scene, Formed way back in 1993, Incarion plays vicious form of black metal. They are playing in Manila Execration Ritual alongside mighty Infernal Execrator, Satanas, Erehes, Ancient Warlord and some other promising black metal act. Here follows an interview with their frontman regarding the show and history of the band.

– Hellish Greetings to the Incarion horde for keeping their black flames alive for more than two decades.

Darkkon: Ave Zoheb!, decades of devotion and blasphemy which fuels us to keep the infernal fire of Incarion still burning, to the blackened hearts bear with us to this crusade for aeonian darkness, Heed thy command!

– Can you enlighten our readers (who are not aware of Incarion) by briefing about the formation and history of Incarion?

Darkkon: Incarion was formed by two blackened hearts Darkkon-bass/vox, and Unlight-guitars in 1993; in addition, we recruited a sessionist to handle the drums position. Lacking of infernal power, we revamped the line-up and recruited Lennard-2nd guitar and Emptiness on drums, with this first-gen lineup we played several gigs and began working on original compositions. Time came when the two (Lennard and Emptiness), can’t perform the duties any longer coz of  their personal reasons that gave us signs for Incarion to summon two beasts Lucifernicus-2nd guitar and Maleficarium on drums, we started to resume the first demo project with this line-up, played several gigs and accomplished the very limited “Blasphemiak” demo project.Blasphemiak draw attention to some labels, distros, bands and u.g. enthusiasts, that the band appeared in some compilation and E.P. projects around 1997-99, Incarion hibernated sometimes, old members come and go, recruiting new warriors and until we are here now, for the full biography you can visit:


Can you tell us the meaning of “Incarion” and why did you choose this as your band name? 

Darkkon: From all the u.g. zines that made interviews with us, no one has ever asked us about our band name and its origin, which we are gratified. Incarion originated from combined words -“Incarnated by Legion”or in other words “LEGION INCARNATE”, the Demonic Hordes that Incarnates and possessed this earthborn to become its tool in disseminating the arts of the tenebrous. It has a similar meaning to us since Incarion as a band, is composed of 4 demonic warriors symbolized by “Legion”, Incarnated to a form of 4 human flesh from which are members of our band INCARION.

– Incarion is to share stage with Infernal Execrator and other Filipino troops on coming May. How is the preparation going and do you want to share any note to the maniacs who will attend in this grandest event?

Darkkon: We are so far looking ahead sharing the stage with Infernal Execrator since we know they are a great band… But somehow, in spite of all the hindrance happened, we still manage to prepare what’s left on the days prior the event… as usual, since the demise of Mephistopheles (former lead guitarist), we may be outmanned, but the urge to spread the Incarion Plague will be on full assault and nothing would stop us!.  To the warriors/bands/legionnaires be there to support this hellish event, drink and be drunk! Spew forth blasphemy!

– Do you know all of the bands playing in Manila Execration Ritual? Which bands are you specially looking forward to seeing at the ritual?

Darkkon: Yes we know most of the bands, and we’ve been desecrating stages with them most in gigs. Of course we’re looking forward on Infernal Execrator and to the bands coming from the south to make this unholy event a desecrating ceremony.

– Last year you played a reunion gig on Infernal Curse’s “Awakening the Damned Manila Tour”. Do you want to share any moment from that sacrament?

Darkkon: Not all luck were in favor with us when we heard a short notice from Maleficarium, our drummer that he had an injury in his ankle which made him unable to play. while Infernal Curse seems desiring us to play, their drummer, Bestial Offensor offered to fill in the drums for us. So we had a 2-song jam. One song from our “Blasphemiak Demo”, and the other was “Buried By Time and Dust” by Mayhem. In fairness to Bestial Offensor, he still manages to play those two songs with us even with an on-the-spot, before-the-gig rehersal. It was a great night for every dark soul present in the event.  Hail Infernal Curse!!!

– Do you want to draw any differentiation between the current and the old extreme metal scene of Philippines? Did the religious people use to scramble in the early days because of your anti religious music?

Darkkon: For me, early 90’s metal scene was the era where most of the true exceptional raw talents emerged. The metal scene is small but promising, ready to deliver true and pure metal in every genre they represent. Death/Doom/Thrash/Heavy metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, genres were dominant those days while Black Metal was actually not as popular as of today, and when Incarion appear on stage with an anti-Christian/demonic persona, most of the crowd were clueless or somehow ignorant about our genre. Others preferred to step out instead and made stupid of themselves while their god is being desecrated as they can’t accept the art of the dark side, the antithetical of Christianity. In conclusion, everyone was shocked with our presence. Nowadays, we could say that the local metal scene is immense in every part of the country. This raw form of extreme music have created variations/sub-genres that even the musical purist will accept, the crowd are supportive, frequent gigs, much more drunken maniacs, etc. It’s good to see that such small village has become a kingdom.

– Even though Incarion was formed in 1993, still the band has not released any full length. How would you describe this issue?

Darkkon: Our passion and hatred in this pitiful society is overwhelming but there are issues that temporarily hinder us from conquering… In every war, financial capability is one reason and proper planning and timing are other…these are just some of it… In this shithole of a country, we more prioritize to our professions than being a musician in order for us to survive life and fuel our thirst for war… we all agree that there is no money in the Black metal arts.. We just create our songs ready to be unleashed to cause havoc, hate and war in the realms of man when the right time comes… We may haven’t released an album, but our blackened hordes understand that we have the songs…but it’s not the recording that keeps Incarion alive… but our passion in this genre… We will be immortalized by the ones who witnessed our carnage…

Listen to Incarion:

– Do you want to expose any updates of future? New release? Local or International live onslaught?

Darkkon: We’re currently working on our new and first ever album, and were hoping to finish this within the year. Consisting of 7-8 tracks of Asiatic pagan metal in its most barbaric raw rendition. We are still unsigned from record labels or Distros. But even though, we still plan to release this internationally with our own distribution. A combination of Instrumental tracks and total infernal barbaric raw assaults. Most tracks were done from the veins of Blasphemiak demo’97 which may satisfy all our darkhordes’ hunger for more “Blasphemiak” sounds. We are open for local and international invitations dependingon schedule and arrangements.

Incarion Live at Black Mass III:

– Thanks for your time, Darkkon. It would be awesome if you suggest our readers some solid black metal bands from your region and you may add any final statement before wrapping up the interview.

Darkon: Well appreciated, we have many exceptional talents out here, I can suggest to the blackened hearts go to the event and support the bands and the scene, Cheers!

Current Line-up:
Darkkon – Bass/Vox
Lucifernicus – Rhythm Guitars

Eskariot – Drums


Interview Conducted By: Zoheb Mahmud

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