Interview with Vomitwolves


Vomitwolves, the black/death duo has emerged from Gulfport, Mississippi to nail your earhole with the frenzied harmony. They have released their first full length, “Chapel of Rot” in the beginning of this year. Jared and Jill, the couple of howling death joined with us for a skull session to speak about the band.

Morbid Greetings to you my friends, Jill and Jared. How is it going?

Jill : Hails Zoheb!

Jared: G’day, doing well enough.

Would you mind giving the fundamental information about “Vomitwolves” for the readers who are not aware of this project?

Jill: Not much to say other than its a two piece that plays really primitive death/black metal.


– “Vomitwolves”, definitely the moniker reflects a grotesque imagery and I personally like the name. Whom of you have chosen the name and tell us the reason behind choosing this name.

Jared: I was the originator of the name and actually had to convince Jill of the potential impact that it would have regardless of it being composed of common terms/motifs that pop up in the extreme metal scenes often enough. It kinda came to me and wouldn’t leave me for weeks before I finally presented it to Jill as a possible name. Stems both from the pure ugliness you think of upon hearing the name, to the aural representation of the music, and to the actual potential imagery we want to project.

– Jared, you have been involved with a lot of bands and how did you come up with the idea to form a black/death metal band with your spouse?

Jared: Well Jill would often sing along to some degree to some of our favorite releases even in non-serious terms so that planted a seed that I knew she was capable of doing the vocals I would envision. It would take quite awhile before we could actually make this come to fruitation due to Jill’s hesitance. Since I’m often like you said quite involved with many bands I wanted to do something that would be special as something as ‘ours’ that I created with my wife. After laying the ground work to a degree and get Jill on board. It was a matter of a joint venture on choosing the exact sound and tones to get what we were shooting for.

– Jill, you have been involved in the extreme metal scene for long.

Shadow Gate Zine
Shadow Gate Zine

You used to run a black metal zine, “Shadowgate”. Is it your first experience to play in a band?

Jill : Yes! It was something Jared had been wanting to do for a long time, but it took

him a bit of arm twisting for me to be open to the idea. Initially I wasnt too comfortable with the idea of doing vocals.

– Comparing to the full length, “Chapel of Rot” with the eponymous EP, I found the full length exceeds the EP in terms of sound, instrumental work and compose though Jill’s vocal used to be quirkier in the EP. How would you define these issues?

Jill: Haha, quirky! Im actually not crazy about my vocals on the ep…it was more trial and error on that..finding out with my voice what things work better. Im a lot more confident in my vocals now than I was on the ep. As far as the material, i think the stuff we are working on since Chapel is more fleshed out, far heavier.

Jared: Yea the first ep was kinda splatter shot of what Jill said she wanted to hear as far as music that she would be willing to vocalize over. So it was kinda working with what was wanted and what I think would sound good at that time. When approaching the full length we had a more solid idea of what we wanted to do and I, myself was more comfortable in what I wanted to play and more confident in knowing what would work best as far as the overall sound of VW.

Listen to Vomitwolves: Chapel of Rot: 

– Who is concerned for writing the lyrics? Have you set any specific lyrical theme to be spared through your vicious music? Do you consider lyric as a vital weapon for spreading the sickness of your music?

Jill: Jared wrote everything with the ep. On Chapel, it was probably more of a joint effort. We shared in the lyrics, direction of artwork. Whereas on the ep, I just did vocals and that was it, on Chapel and music we are currently working on, it has been a shared effort.  Lyrics arent a huge focus for me with VW. They are necessary, but that is really about it.

Jared: Jill summed it about up. I like how on the full length is was far more of a joint effort and that’s how all future material will be done as well.

– What are the thoughts and meanings behind the cover artwork of both of your EP and LP?

Jill: Jared did all the artwork, ill let him answer this!

Chapel of Rot
Chapel of Rot
Vomitwolves EP
Vomitwolves EP

Jared: Well with the EP since it was sort of a scattershot of everything and I was pleased to get it done I decided I wanted to kinda do a huge nod to one of the influence upon us for the start, but not directly lifted. It’s a direct throw back to ‘Nattens madrigal – aatte hymne til ulven i manden’ by Ulver. As far as the full length I took a good deal of direction from Jill both from song titles chosen and  direct input she put in when I was doing up some rough ideas. Once I had both of those in place it was quite easy to put together something that throws back to the very roots of what we enjoyed in primative death and black metal’s art and aesthetic. So at the most basica… it’s what I like to see so therefore I create that.

– What influences you mainly to start this unrighteous extreme metal project?

Jill: Influences of mine..def early Destruction, Coroner, Mystifier, Impaled Nazarene, Belial (fin), Disembowelment

Jared: If I had to sum it up in a few bands, Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Archgoat, Incantation, Vomitor, Black Witchery, Revenge

– Is there any possibility to see Vomitwolves in live annihilation or are you just willing to keep it as a studio project?

Jill:  No plans at all for tours or live shows. We intend to keep this just the two of us.

Jared: It was meant for something for the both of us to work on and enjoy. If we wanted more involved I could’ve brought in people I know long ago to do so.

– What is your opinion about the online zines? Jill, since you used to publish printed zine in the 90’s, do you have any sort of negative view about the online zines?

Jill:  Honestly, I dont keep up with tons of online zines just due to sheer time constraints, but I have no negative feelings in the least, I understand that its the technology of the world now and how information is shared. And i know that alot of hard work and time go into many of them.  However, growing up for me there was no digital media. I suspect i will always remain a dinosaur that prefers tangible physical media.

Jared: I greatly miss the print zine. But I do read and visit some when I do have the time to do so. I don’t look down upon it and I can still find out about some great bands I might have not heard of before and that’s what it’s all about.

– Jared, I want you to tell us about your record label and artwork activities. Please do tell us about Speed Ritual Records and

Jared: As far as Speed Ritual Records, it is a label I started mainly to release my own material. When I was going to start self publishing all the things I intended I figured why not just have at least a single imprint for them all to be grouped under. Either way I planned on releasing everything I have regardless of the creation of the label it was just more of a catalyst to work harder at doing so.  Thus far it’s been all my own work or collaborations aside from one release out of  49 releases since 2010. Largely I’m quite happy with it’s success being that practically the releases end up paying for themselves. Might be an intial investment to get everything but that’s covered shortly thereafter and then all ‘profit’ is directed right back into future releases. I soully release these because I personally want something ‘official’ for my work for my own collection, everything thereafter that is sold is a very pleasant surprise and is greatly appreciated.

As far as it came about around 2008 when I wasn’t doing much music actively with playing with bands and it was before I got all the recording equipment I needed to start doing material myself. I basically fell back to my first enjoyment of creation which was drawing and painting. No true formal training cause I didn’t take anything away from the art classes I took in high school and college aside from hating art and not wanting to do it. So it was mainly to fill that empty void of time I had that practice and writing would take up, my first paintings I gave away and then the combination of posting them online and having the opportunity to sell at a few art shows locally had me hooked cause I found an audience that truely appreciated what I was creating which inspired me to do more and do it better than before. Only in 2012 have I actually reached to a point where I had actively made pieces that I have been happy with. And for doing artwork for my bands, it’s something I had always planned to do with my inks… creating artwork for bands.. just happened that what I did fit what I did for my own bands best and I honestly don’t care too much for commission work on my inks with too much direction cause with that much input on them I tend to dislike the entire job and rather put it off to the point where I don’t want to do it or I’m absolutely bored and have nothing else to do.

– What will the future have in store for Vomitwolves? And for Jared, I would like to know the future plans for your other projects as well.

Jill:  We have another release scheduled for later this year, probably around late summer or early fall. Either an ep or split.

Jared: I’m going with the assumption that it’ll be an EP and it’s currently in the works right now.

– That’s the last part of this interview. Thanks for your time and would you end the interview by mentioning some of your all time favorite releases?

Jill:  Thank you for your support Zoheb and best of luck with Venustas Diabolicus!! Wow, all time favorites? Thats a hard list to make! Off the top of my head I would say  any of Maiden’s early releases, Destruction “Sentence of Death”, Impaled Nazarene “Tol Cormpt Norz..”, Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers”, Ved Buens Ende “Written in Waters”, WASP self titled, Belial “G.o.t.P” Yngwie Malmsteen “Trilogy”.

Jared: Truly appreciate the interview and acknowledgement.  And all time favorites.. Gorguts: Obscura, Incantation: Onward Towards Golgotha & Diabolical Conquest, Angelcorpse: Exterminate, Immolation: Failure of Gods, Portal: Seepia, Eyehategod: Take As Needed For Pain, Nasum: Inhale/Exhale, Morbid Angel: Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, Khanate: Things Viral, Disembowelment:  Transcendence into the Peripherial

Current Line Up:

Jill M (Vocals)

Jared M (All Instruments) 

Official Facebook:

Listen to “Vomitwolves” EP

Listen to “Chapel of Rot” Full Length

Interview Conducted byZoheb Mahmud

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