Interview with Satanas (Philippines)


As a part of our collaboration with Manila Execration Ritual, 2014, we have conducted an interview with “Lord Impierno” of “Satanas”. The impious troop, “Satanas” has emerged from Davao, the capital of Philippines’ extreme metal. The quadrilateral of  Anti Kristos is ready with their weaponry to assail at the grandest event of Manila Execration Ritual that is going to be held on May 02, 2014. Zoheb Mahmud conduct an interview of the drummer, “Lord Impierno”.

Zoheb: Welcome to Venustas Diabolicus Zine, “Lord Impierno”. To start off this interview, tell us how did Satanas get started?

Lord Impierno: Hails, in 2008 I was playing drums in a black thrash metal band called DEMONIFIED, but we’ve split up in 2009 due to personal problems of my band mates, so I’ve decided to form another band, this time a full black metal band called Satanas, then I’ve started to search for band mates that have the same beliefs in black metal. Then I came up with black demon and carcallas (ex members of dark lord), black demon, carcallas and I are starting to make songs in 2009 then destroyer entered the band in 2010 and we started to play live rituals in 2010.


Zoheb: Satanas is to play in the unrighteous live annihilation, “Manila Execration Ritual” on coming May along with Infernal Execrator and other Filipino black metallers. What is awaiting for the audiences who will show up in the gig?

L.I.: They will witnessed a total devastating night, a night without Christ!!!!!!

Zoheb: When did you play live last time?

L.I.: We dezekrated Davao in march 15,2014 at the reuniting chaos event, that was the last time we’ve played live, then we are getting ready for the manila execration ritual.

Satanas at Blatant Live Ritual 03, 2013:


Zoheb: Till now, Satanas has released only a demo back in 2012. Is there any news of new release?

L.I.: Yes, hopefully we are releasing an ep this coming July.  Maybe next is a full length album.

Listen to Satanas:

Zoheb: Are you associated with any other band? And what about the other band members, are they only playing in Satanas?

L.I.: Yes, I’m also the drummer of DEMONYO and IMPIERNO, and I also have a one man band called AVERSEKRIST. My band mates are only focusing in Satanas. They don’t have any side band.

Zoheb: Aside from creating vilest music, you organize the diabolical black metal fest known as “Blood War Death Fest”. In addition, you create artwork and distribute merchandises. Brief us about these activities.

L.I.: I distribute bootleg shirts only in the Philippines for some who can’t afford to order outside the country. I’m also one of the head of BLOOD WAR DEATH an underground black metal event in davaohell, yearly we celebrate for the glory ov Satan!! Reuniting the true underground black metal scene! 

Zoheb: Your music is strongly akin to Korihor and Darkthrone (early) materials. Which other bands have influenced you to generate such kind of fiendish music.

L.I.:  There are too many to mention, but we hail the true Finnish black metal… Satanic Warmaster, Horna etc.

Zoheb: What else do you have coming up in the future?

L.I.: We are getting ready to dezekrate cagayan de oro city soon to release our ep there.


Zoheb: Thank you for your time. Any final message you want to spread before ending the conversation?

L.I.: Thanks for having us here. bestial hailz to the true black metal warlords!!!! 

Official Facebook:

Interview Conducted by: Zoheb Mahmud 

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