Interview with Infernal Execrator: Singahedonistic Black/Death Terror


Infernal Execrator, the anti-religious Black/Death terror of Singahell has been preaching their blasphemous execration since 2005. They are set to discharge their debut full length “AD INFINITUM SATANIC ADHERENT” on January, 2014, under the label “Dunkelheit Produktionen”. We have queried the vocal/guitarist, “Lord Ashir” to learn more about the flaming spirit of Infernal Execrator. It is to note that, Lord Ashir also runs “Demonization Distro”. 


Greetings from Venustas Diabolicus Horde. How are you doing brother?

Lord Ashir: Blasphemous hails to Venustas Diabolicus hordes, doing  great brother!!


Zoheb: At first, would you mind briefing us the history of Infernal Execrator?

Ashir: The irreligious hordes INFERNAL EXECRATOR is form under the execration command of Ashir in 2005 anno execratus. Belial hatehammer (Drummer) & Afreet (Guitar) were invoked and a 4 pure execration sacrilegious tracks were produced as our 1st demo release which is “Thy Demonization Conquers”. The unholy demo was released on CD-R format limited to 100 copies ONLY and Blood & Soil, a label from Spain released it on pro dubbed tape format limited to 500 copies. Another re-release pro tape with different cover art drawn by Sickness 666 were released under De-umbris Production, Greece, limited to 150 copies and comes with an A4 poster. Soon the demo will be out on 7” format!!!!

In 2006, “Antichrist Execration” EP consist of 6 tracks of impurity with cover hymns of “Sodomythical frostgoat” annihilated from IMPIETY. The EP was recorded 3 times due to  changes of drummer and some personal issues. Belial Hatehammer were axed out due to some unforeseen circumstances as well as Afreet for being a ladies man whorefukker!! I don’t entertain all these shit and excuses as I’m serious with what I desecrate!! To continue the recording & etc, I invoke ChristSlaughter (Blapsherion) on drums & Kommando Antichristo (Imperial Tyrants) on bass. Have to abominate another rehearsal for 3 hellish days and enter Studio 47 for the final recording.

The deal were made and we were signed under Pulverised Records after the he listened to our demo attack and the EP was released on a 6-panel Digipack format limited to 1000 copies only. Apocalyptic Empire Records from Norway, released it on a 12”MLP format in 2008 limited to 666 copies. The 1st 100 red splatter vinyl comes with the band gold embroided logo patch. Tape format were released under Croquemort Production (RIP) limited to 1000 copies.

After the release of “Antichrist Execration”,  I have a great discussion with ChristSlaughter and Kommando Antichristo to decimate rehearsal/ritual & etc for INFERNAL EXECRATOR and the hordes reigns till now with these execration beast!!!

We have an unofficial split with IMPERIAL TYRANTS consists of 9 tracks taken from each band demo and KVLT666 production from Malaysia released it on CD-R format limited to 66 copies only. The tape format limited to 100 copies were released under Nusantarajim Production from Malaysia earlier of this hell year!!

In 2010, a blasphemous split with IMPERIAL TYRANTS  and this time it’s a fukking unholy official split. Both bands decimate 3 hymns exclusively. Old Cemetery Records released “M.C.B.L. Heathen Blood Cult” limited to 1000 copies. Tape format limited to 100 copies were released by Unholy Blasphemies production and 1st 100 comes with patch and poster!

After the split with Singahell satanic hordes of hate, the M.C.B.L. legions remain silent due to some unforeseen circumstances and busy schedule!

2012 anno execratus is another Irreligious Armageddon for INFERNAL EXECRATOR. Evil Dead Production from Sabahell released our “ 6 Execrating years of IrreligiousatanicElites” compilation as part of our 6 years sacrilegious anniversary. A total of 13 tracks taken from our ritual in Bangkok, Godbeheading 2009 & unreleased rehearsal as well with 2 new recorded hymns exclusively limited to 1000 copies and 1st 100 copies will receive a patch and poster!!

Apocalyptic Empire Records unleashed the 2 new tracks with a new bestial hellarts drawn by NothingSacred Artwork on 7” format limited to 666 copies and 1st few are Gray vinyl with patch and the rest are black!

After the domination of the 2 new tracks, the legion invoked NecroShairan for future goatstrike & execration rituals!!!

INFERNAL EXECRATOR – Pure Genozidal Apocalypse:

Zoheb: “AD INFINITUM SATANIC ADHERENT”, the first full length of Infernal Execrator which is to be released under “Dunkelheit Produktionen” of Germany. Tell us about this offering, including production, sound, concept, lyric, etc. Will it be akin to the previous releases or will it be a divergent one?

Ashir: “AD INFINITUM SATANIC ADHERENT” are recorded and mixed by Nizam Aziz (Impiety) and recorded at the same studio 47.

A great studio and great engineer to work with!!!

A total of 9 hedonistic tracks with different bonus hymns for different pressing. The European pressing will be release under Dunkelheit Production by mid 2014 on CD/LP and the Asian pressing will be release on Digipack format in early January 2014.  Only CD pressing comes with bonus tracks exclusively and different Artwork!!!!

A 12”LP format and tape with 2 different pressing will be released in limited format as well!!!

Expect more news from the hordes very soon!!!

This album will be another strike from us. Great sound mixed by Nizam Aziz as he knows what we wants and the concept/lyric remains the same as our ideology are purely & strictly irreligious & total blasphemy & total hate!!


Infernal Execrator – Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent Album Promo:

Zoheb: Instead of being a rip-off old school black/death metal band, you have always come up with developing your own sound which is always appreciated by the audiences. Do you consider it as vital for bands/artists to create their own sound?

Ashir: YES!!! I’m very particular with sound!! We have other influences but the sound will be definitely changed due to our concept!! For other bands, I can’t say too much as it is up to individual hordes!!

Zoheb: Infernal Execrator has been preaching the vilest abhorrence towards the religious doctrines since its inception. Personally, do the members of Infernal Execrator also involve themselves in worshiping Satan or any other evil deity?

Ashir: We are the weapon of M.C.B.L.!! Only Irreligious elites shall enter!! We don’t believe in gods existence! We don’t abide with religious rules as all are SHIT and a waste of time!!!

Praise Satanas! Only evil blasphemies shall rule the world!



Zoheb:  Among the founding members, only you have still remained in the band for execrating the falsehood of religion. Have you ever experienced any ideological dissimilarity while working with the current members?

Ashir: I’ve had experienced this shit with the past members only!!!

Zoheb:  You have experiences in sharing stages with a lot of mighty veteran hordes. Recently, Infernal Execrator was in same stage with Sadistic Intent and Archgoat. Tell us about the experience in playing live with amazing bands like them? Do you have any plan to invade other parts of the world?

Ashir: Arrrrrrrrgh!! The desecration with Archgoat & Sadistic Intent are total blasphemous! A great ritual and we are very honoured to decimate the stage with these beast even though the damn media are full of  craps & set too many rules. No bullet belts are allowed. No blood are allowed! No pig heads are allowed! And No Inverted Cross are allowed! All this rubbish won’t  happened unless there’s a moron who complaint about it.


INFERNAL EXECRATOR will decimate few rituals in Asia as well Europe in 2014. Everything has been plan! Be prepared for a total sacrilegious strike in 2014!!!!!!

Infernal Execrator Live at Morbid Fest II:

Zoheb: You played in bands like Imperial Tyrants, Kraton and Istidraj. All of them are related to “Black Metal”. What are the major influences of yours that drive you towards this particular genre?

Ashir: I’m only a session terrorist in Imperial Tyrants and Istidraj. Kraton had formed by me and Ian Inferno of Istidraj before Infernal Execrator arose from the satanic abyss! The band had already been disbanded in 2003 after releasing 2 tracks only! Since then, I’ve been searching for demonic warriors to form a band but failed. Too many excuses and bla bla bla story I’ve experienced. Many time waster! Many depressive Emo bustard I’ve encounter! And some want to play for fame & money!

Fukking old Impiety, Abhorer , Venom, Bathory, old Emperor, old Marduk, old Satryicon are my major influences since young and I always remain with black metal & black/death worship eternally!! 6.6.6.!!!

Zoheb: Singapore has one of the strongest metal scenes in Asia. Bands like Abhorer, Impiety, Profancer, Draconis Infernum, Battlestorm, Blood Division, Wormrot, Tormentress, etc. are some of the finest outfit from this land. Can you recommend any other bands that our readers might get interested to check out?

Ashir: Arrrrrgh! You have mentioned those great bands and blasphemously check these hordes such as IMPERIAL TYRANTS, NOCTURNISED, PURBAWISESA, ISTIDRAJ, DAMNED ETERNAL!!! The rest you can check on Jewbook!!

Only few are real!!!

Zoheb : Thank you brother for the time to complete the interview. Do you have any final comments before wrapping up the interview?

Ashir: 666666 Massive thanks for the great interview brother!!!

Be prepared for another impious annihilation of INFERNAL EXECRATOR.

“Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent”  to crush all religiouscums in 2014!!!!



INFERNAL EXECRATOR – True Anti-Religious Elites:



             Interview Conducted by: Zoheb Mahmud


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