Black Metal: Some Basic Guitar Techniques

Hails brothers!

Today I am about to share  some basic techniques of playing Black Metal. This article might come to help for the beginners who knows the basic Metal techniques but want to know the basic Black Metal techniques in guitar.


The most common technique used in Black Metal is tremolo picking. You have to follow the blast beat with it. And the tip is:

Use your wrist only. Never use your arm. Put your wrist somewhere like on the bridge or when you play the upper strings you may put your wrist on the lowers. Whatever makes u comfortable. Power chords, minor chords progression, natural harmonics are some of the other techniques you may use in Black Metal. I think the main goal of yours should be making your guitar line sound killer and distorted as hell.

Wish that come with a little help. Wake your demon up and start playing your axe.

Hail Chaos!

Count Cerberus

(Guitars, Eternal Armageddon)

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